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Agricultural & Farming Tours in Sri Lanka

Agro Tours in Sri Lanka

There has been an explosion in interest in Agro tourism, with Sri Lanka being no exception. The complex paddy cultivation system in Sri Lanka, which was developed over 2500 years, the large ancient irrigational tanks, and numerous tea and rubber plantations are all examples of its varied agricultural developments. Agro tourism will cater to a niche market.

Ceylon Travel Dream can arrange any type of agricultural experience, including milking cows on a dairy farm or plucking tea leaves using traditional 'bag-on t' method.

Agro-Based Hotel & Locations in Sri Lanka

The Other Corner

The Other Corner is a resort and wildlife sanctuary located in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, approximately 172km from the heart of Colombo. It can be accessed via a stretch green paddy fields. Here time seems to stop. It is a pleasant drive on a well-paved road. The concrete begins to give way to the pure beauty of nature as one leaves the city. You can find a place to stop, look up and take in the greens and blues of unspoiled forests and clear skies.

The Other Corner was created primarily to be a place for relaxation by RahulaDassenaieke. He is a keen photographer and nature lover. His goal was to create a space where nature and man can co-exist and allow avian lovers and nature to come together.Rahula, a family man, is also the Managing Director of Starron Group of Companies. Starron Group was founded in 1988 and has been able to stabilize its presence in the sector.Rahula's vision of The Other Corner is for more people to appreciate the natural world around them and spread this message about sustainability.

Gannoruwa Agro Park

The department of Agriculture maintains Agro Technology Park Gannoruwa as one of the best in Sri Lanka. The park is located in Kandy's tropical climate, which is the gateway to the central highlands. It is bordered on three sides by the Mahaweliriver at Gannoruwa. The majority of the agricultural-related institutions can be found here. It covers an area of 2km2. The elevation at the sea level is approximately 1550 feet (473m). This place is well-suited for efficient management because it includes representatives from the following units.

Gannoruwa Park’s mission is to provide integrated, efficient, demand responsive, and integrated agricultural extension services through the agrotechnology parks and exhibitions. This will facilitate better access for the general agricultural extension services to improve the public's access to agricultural information. Promotion of agrotourism with innovative concept of edible landscaping, to preserve traditional agricultural values, use better know-how, increase productivity, optimize profitability, and ensure sustainability.

History of Gannoaruwa National Park

The institute was previously known as Audio Visual Center (AVC), which was established under the extension-training division of the DOA in 1980. AVC was a wide-ranging ICT center that covered agriculture. The AVC established a video section in 1989. In 1994, the first TV documentary program (Big Onion), was broadcast on national television. The institute telecasted a series of TV programs over the years. AVC was first given the responsibility of conducting exhibitions for DOA on November 21, 1991, at the GamUdawa show. The AVC took the 1st prize. The AVC became the DOA's responsible institute for organising exhibitions. As a wings within the AVC, the Gannoruwa agriculture complex was transformed into a National Agriculture Technology Park. The institute AVC was renamed National Agriculture Information and Communication Center in 2016. A separate unit was created to manage the technology park and hold exhibitions. The Agro Technology Park Unit Gannoruwa was founded on October 16, 2016, under the NAICC.

It includes over 30 agricultural demonstration plots that cover almost all aspects of agriculture. It features a model home garden, a museum, fungus unit and pest and disease units. The park is open to the public every day except Saturdays and Sundays, with the exception of Sundays and public holidays. The entrance ticket fee is as follows.

Umandawa Global Buddhist Village

Umandawa, a Buddhist village located in Sri Lanka, allows you to escape the world and to engage in basic Buddhism principles to live a life filled with spiritual insight. Umandawa, the only global Buddhist village built on large parcels of land in Kurunegala District, is based on the Venn concept. Samantha BadraHimi.

Umandawa organic farm: Using organic fertilizer in Sri Lanka, they have established profitable organic farms that produce a wide range of vegetables and fruits. This is a great example for the rest of Sri Lanka.

Kalundewa Retreat

You will be amazed at how the rural lifestyle and the rustic atmosphere of the village blend seamlessly with the nature resort in Sri Lanka. You can take a stroll along the narrow lanes that are bordered with paddy fields, or you can participate in seasonal agricultural activities with farmers. You can also take a guided tour of the village with our resident naturalist, and visit the school and temple. In the timeless village Kalundewa, strike up a conversation and experience the true spirit rural community life.

Jim’s Farm Villa

Jim's Farm Villas offers a variety of experiences that will introduce you to Sri Lanka's amazing environment. Kevin, who is the farm's owner, dedicated the farm in his father's honor. Jim was a long-time farmer in Suffolk, England, which inspired Kevin to start his own organic farm in Sri Lanka.

Learn more about coconut farming and see our skilled pickers harvest the nuts every six weeks. Over 2500 coconut palms and 200 banana palms are found on the farm. There are also hundreds of mango and papaya trees that provide shade and beautiful views as they disappear towards distant hills. We will discuss the organic methods of growing coconuts, bananas, and other crops on our farm, such as black pepper, papayas, cinnamon, coffee, and cocoa.

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