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Budget & Backpacker Tours in Sri Lanka

Budget & Backpacker Tours in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that you will instantly fall in love. It is a country where you will never forget the culture, the sights and the people. After touring the whole country in a tuk-tuk, we have firsthand knowledge of what's available when backpacking Sri Lanka.Here are some tips to help plan your trip to Sri Lanka.

We offer Backpacker tours for budget-friendly clients, and we always guide you to visit many tourist attractions in Sri Lanka for a reasonable price and to do many adventures & funny activities safely, our experienced team always help you for starting the unforgettable journey in Sri Lanka.

Top best places for Backpacker Tours in Sri Lanka


This area is considered a cultural hub in Sri Lanka. It also holds a high historical significance. It is home to many world heritage sites, including important temples, stupas, and other attractions. A pass allows you to access all sites.A day pass costs $30, but the sites are scattered so you'll need a bike or tuk-tuk to get between them all. For $20, you can get a driver to drive you around the city for the day.

There is no ticket entry with someone checking your tickets at the sites. Only if you are stopped randomly will they be able to tell you if you have a valid ticket. You could accept the risk but I don't know what the penalty will be if you are caught.It is possible to visit this place without paying for admission. Brad and I did that and still saw a lot.


Trincomalee is a beautiful beach on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. This is the place to be if you are looking for great accommodation, sun, water, and delicious food and drinks.It is also known for its excellent snorkeling opportunities. Nearby Pigeon Island offers inexpensive opportunities to learn to dive and spot whales.


This is a great place to backpack in Sri Lanka. The famous World Heritage Site of Lion's Rock is located in Sigiriya. The $30 entrance fee is very steep but completely worth it.To beat the crowds, head out early in morning. You can also take part in a safari or climb other routes.

A quiet trip to Dambulla is also possible to visit the cave temples.


Kandy is the starting spot for the “hill country” experience of Sri Lanka. It’s home to some beautiful sites including the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Big White Buddha.You’’ also find the Temple of the Tooth, which supposedly houses Buddha’s tooth.

It’s from Kandy where you can take the famous “Kandy to Ella train ride”, supposedly one of the most beautiful journeys in the world.

Nuwara Eliya

You'll find beautiful surroundings, incredible tea plantations, and mild weather when you arrive in Little England. NuwaraEliya has many amazing places to explore.

You can visit waterfalls, go boating, and even play golf. Depending on the season, you can hike World's End and then head to Adam's peak (the highest point in Sri Lanka).


It's the most visited spot in Sri Lanka by backpackers. It is beautiful, cooler, and has some amazing sites. Little Adams Peak, Ella Rock, and a variety of waterfalls are just a few examples. You will find many bars, coffee shops and pubs in this area.

Arugam Bay

Are you looking to surf? Head to one of the most iconic surf spots in the world. You can even find Red Bull surfing competitions here.There are waves for everyone, whether you're a professional or just starting out. It's a popular tourist destination with many bars, clubs, and opportunities to party.

There are many other things to do in Arugam Bay, aside from surfing. You can go on a tuktuk safari to see elephants.


Mirissa is known for its amazing beaches, surfing and whale-watching opportunities. This is a great place to party, surf and relax. It is a popular "holiday" spot in Sri Lanka.Even if you only have a week in Sri Lanka, it is a good place to base yourself. You can also make day trips to Unawatuna and a few national parks from here.


This is without doubt one of my favorite beaches in Sri Lanka.Unawatuna has many amazing places to visit. There are many beautiful beaches, and you can snorkel.The Dutch Fort in Galle is only 20 minutes away. The waves are perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers.Unawatuna is a very popular holiday spot.

Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu's national park is the most well-known feature of the city. There is a lot of leopards in this area, so many people come here to experience a Wilpattu safari. There are also chances to see sloth bears, elephants, and many other animals.It is best to visit during the dry season. It is possible to get there by bus, taxi, or tuktuk. You can also choose to stay in Anuradhapura, where you can take a tuk-tuk or an organized tour to the safari parks.


This location is in the north of Sri Lanka. Backpackers wanted to visit this place to learn more about the history and war of Sri Lanka. It doesn't offer any insight or information.The tsunami of 2004 that killed 35,000 people in the region also affected the area.The drive is amazing! We had a lot of fun watching the entire town come to the beach to catch the fish.

Things to do for Backpacker tourist in Sri Lanka

Climbing Little Adam’s Peak

Little Adam's Peak offers amazing views without the need to hike long distances. This is the best time to see it, as it's best seen at sunset or sunrise. If you love hiking, it's one the best things to do in Sri Lanka!As it winds through tea plantations, the trail starts at a moderate elevation. Although you'll be climbing to 1141m above the sea level, you'll only climb a few hundred metres. Once you reach the top of Little Adam's Peak, there are many platforms, rocks and viewpoints that can be used for photographs.

Ride the Kandy to Ella Train

According to some, the Kandy-Ella train journey is one of the most spectacular and epic in all of Sri Lanka. With a few days left in Sri Lanka, it was easy to buy a $1.50 ticket and board the train for the five-hour journey. The train actually costs $1.50.Another option is available, which can be quite useful. A tour that includes a train ride from Kandy to Ella as well as a visit to a tea-plantation is possible. They provide lunch, organize all ticketing and organizing so it's a very relaxing experience. This train ride was one of my favourite things in Sri Lanka.

Trekking through the Tea Plantation in Haputhale

Lipton Tea is a staple in most households around the globe. It was a surprise to me that I would be hiking up the steep hills with a local Sri Lankan 60-year-old, along with other highly-acclaimed tea estates. This is a great way to gain historical context and perspective in Sri Lanka.

Game Drive Safari

A safari is a great way to experience Sri Lanka. You can have great experiences in many national parks, including Yala or Kaudulla. The group got in an open-top Jeep and started cruising through the jungle. You should keep your eyes open for sloths and turtles as well as elephants, leopards, sloths and other amazing wildlife. We came across an elephant herd of over 100+ drinking in a lake on my safari. We cruised slowly and let the elephants do their thing. While males were fighting, calves followed their mothers as they went about their daily business.

Explore Nine Arch Bridge

The Nine Arch Bridge is located in Ella on the Demodara loop. It spans 91m at a height 24m. It is a beautiful spot, especially because it is situated in dense jungle and agricultural settings. A forest surrounds the railway and tea leaves are being grown below.

It was constructed at Gotuwala, between the Ella- and Demodara stations in the British Colonial period. It is locally known as "AhasNamayePalama" in Sinhala, which means nine sky bridge. Its name is derived from its visual experience. If you look up from the bridge, you can see the sky through nine arches.

This bridge is unique because it is entirely made of rocks, bricks and cement. There is no steel or other metals in the construction. According to legend, the bridge was built in 1941.

There are many cafes up the hills that offer views of the bridge, but the best place to be is down at the bridge. It has a large bend so I recommend standing on the side of the bridge that curves away to get the best photos. One of my favorite things about Sri Lanka was watching a train go around the bend at this bridge.

Rope Swing in Dalawella

The swing's location is at Dalawella Beach in Sri Lanka, near Unawatuna. The train ride from Colombo to Dalawella Beach takes approximately two hours and costs a few dollars for the ticket. The exact location of Dalawella Beach is located in front Dream Cabana, a guesthouse.

Surfing Hikkaduwa

Surfers love Sri Lanka's south coast. There is always a new spot to surf, but only a few people can enjoy it all. The south is the ideal spot for surfaris because it has the most beautiful sun and the warmest water. It is a surfari. You will never be far from the jungle, monkeys and peacocks no matter where you travel along a coast. It is rare to find places that combine the surf and jungle in close proximity.

Hike to Diyaluma Waterfalls

Diyaluma Falls, Sri Lanka's 2nd largest waterfall, is the ideal spot for a full-day adventure. This hike is located in the Badulla area and includes numerous waterfalls and natural pools.You hiked almost exclusively downhill through long grass, but the trail was clearly marked all the way. The trail was overgrown and it seemed that the trail wasn’t used often.

Hike to Riverton

According to locals, the hike does not have a name other than Riverston Hike. It overlooks the Knuckles Mountain range and surrounding highlands. This is one of the most popular day-trip hikes in the region. End of the hike is marked by a steep 300m drop. This made for some amazing photos. Here you can relax and enjoy the Thelgamuwa Valley, terraced rice fields and the Knuckles Mountain range. This is the spot known as "The World's End". It is a 5km hike, but it is not difficult.

Visit to Pidurangala Rock

Sigiriya Rock is rich with history and features like the mirror wall and the lion's claw, but Pidurangala Rock feels more natural, despite it also being home to a temple.Pidurangala Rock, which is located adjacent to Sigiriya Rock, is the best spot for Sigiriya Rock viewing as it is only slightly higher. Pidurangala offers 360-degree views not only of the valleys, but also Sigiriya Rock.

Climb Sigiriya Lion Rock

Sigiriya Rock is often called the eighth wonder of all time. It is an amazing feat of architecture. It is a historic site that has seen many wars and invasions. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.The top of Sigiriya Rock is located at 370m above sea level, 200m higher than the jungle below and 200m higher than the jungle. It is made up of abandoned palaces and walls, as well as waterways, canals and waterways. For sunset, we climbed all the the way up to the top and saw Sri Lanka's most famous site at its best.

Along South Coast Tour

The south coast of Sri Lanka, from Unawatuna through Mirissa to Tangalle is ideal for a road trip. You can ride a bike through the towns, stopping at each beach for a coffee or surf. The coast is lined with palm trees and stunning beaches. This coastline is full of beautiful, tropical beaches that can get repetitive. Grab a bike and get on the road to enjoy one of the most popular things to do in Sri Lanka.

Colombo city tour by foot

Enjoy a full-day tour of Colombo's rapidly developing city. This tour will take you to all the main attractions and points of interests, including the National Museum and Gangaramaya Temple, Colombo Fort and Independence square. The tour ends with some traditional Colombo shopping.

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