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Caving Experience in Sri Lanka

Caving Experience in Sri Lanka

Speleology is a sporting movement of investigating caves. It is a logical investigation of caverns, how they made-up, structure, actual highlights, history and its living thing. Sri Lanka has an incredible history with caves. This is a once in a day to day existence time experience which includes planning, shooting, reviewing and investigating of stowed away collapses the island as the word 'Speleology' depicts. The most renowned being Batadomba Cave at Balangoda, credited to the "Balangoda man" an ancient man whose skeletal remaining parts were uncovered inside this cavern. As of now, a portion of these strange cavern have been changed over into Buddhist Temples or withdrawals in Sri Lanka. Eventhough this buckling is somewhat new to Sri Lanka, the island has many caverns to be investigated some even date back to roughly 500 million years. Make a move to be a piece of this uncommon experience of tracking down ancient highlights on a vacation in Sri Lanka

Batatotalena Cave

Situated in beautiful area of Kitulgala, Belilena cave is perhaps the biggest cavern in Sri Lanka. Proof shows that this site had an ancient human presence as soon as a long time back and a portion of the uncovered a few fossils presumably involved by the Balangoda man has been seen as here. You might experience bright butterflies and many bats home in this cavern's cool inside

Belilena Cave

Ancient Beli Lena Caves lies upon a precarious way on the slope inside from an edge that peers down over an amazing perspective on elastic ranches of Kitulgala domain near khgben 190 Kitulagala, 2000 feet above ocean level. This Huge Cave has been home to the ancient 'Balangoda Man' (Homo sapiens balangodensis) where 16,000 year old skeletal remaining parts have been found. Fa Hien-lena has yielded the earliest proof (at ca. 37,000 BP) of the 'Balangoda Man' trailed by Batadomba-lena at 31,000 and 18,000 BP.

Batadombalena Cave

A must visit cave in Sri Lanka! Batadombalena Cave is situated in close proximity to Kuruwita, which is about 90 kilometers away from Colombo. This has been the home of the prehistoric ‘Balangoda Man’ or Homo sapiens balangodensis, as the remains revealed. Further, various land and fresh water shells which date back over 28000 BC and stone tools that are interpreted as arrow and carefully shaped for hunting has also been uncovered here. You can find this archeological treasure trove behind a gently cascading waterfall, and it creates mesmerizing scene with the soft breeze of the wind.

Mahalenama Cave

Recreation world amusement park is situated in the "Seethawaka" Electorate this Theme Park is the first of its sort in Sri Lanka brags of a rich Bio broadened encompassing in a peaceful environment giving the guests a once in a day to day existence time insight of novel water and entertainment exercises. Out of the complete degree of 52 sections of land 27 sections of land have been created during the primary stage. Thoroughly prepared teachers, Operators, Life watches, Pool Attendants are at your disposal

Pannila Calcarious Cave

This cave is home to a wide assortment of fishes, butterflies, birds, reptiles, and bats. You will feel like you venture into an underground zoo. The Cave has two primary caverns arranged close to a charming cascade. The ancient times of these caverns are assessed to associate with 500 million years of age and have a few more modest caverns too containing old stalagmites and underground rock formations.

Andirilena cave

You can visit Andirilena Cave while you are in the southern coast. It is about 4km form Udugama in Galle District. The space of inside is huge even though the entrance is very small. There are two tunnels dividing the main cave and those funnels guide to few more caves. After 500m these two tunnels joining back together

Ravana Ella Cave

Ravana cave and tunnel network is a massive creation by King Ravana located in Ella Sri Lanka connected with cities / dairy farms & airports. It is proved beyond doubt of the architecture brilliance of the King Ravana. Ravana caves & tunnel network is one of the most important Ramayana tour related sites in Sri Lanka

Bogoda Cave

Associating the way to Kandy from Badulla over Uma Oya to Royal Cave Temple by Bogoda Wooden Bridge worked in the time of Kandyan realm which is one of the captivating pieces of Sri Lanka s history.

The cavern sanctuary was one of it works during the first-century bc by ruler Walagambahu as affirmed by brahmin sacred writing at the sanctuary. The sanctuary had been remodeled during the Kandyan period and painted with societal craftsmanship in the picture house with lovely artistic creations.

On the right half of the sanctuary, there are not many advances that drove down to a stage. Here there is an old passage that had been utilized by a ruler as a departure course from the foes as indicated by the legends

Pahiyangala Cave

Pahiyangala caves lies in Yatagampitiya, which is a far off town around 5 km away from Bulathsinhala (40Km along Piliyandala-Horana street), in the Kalutara District. Unearthing has demonstrated that these caverns were possessed by ancient cave dwellers exactly a long time back. This cavern should be the biggest regular stone in Asia and this is additionally known to be the most old pre-notable human settlement in Asia.

Sthripura Cave

Sthreepura is a centuries-old cavern and passage complex situated in Kiriwanagama, in Welimada District of Uva Province of Sri Lanka, 116 KM from Colombo. Sthree Pura implies a zone of ladies in Sinhal a language.

It is accepted that the Sthreepura cave had been utilized by King Ravana to conceal Princess Sita Devi as a careful step during the fight between King Rama and King Ravana. There are stays of rock gives in and interconnecting burrows situated at this site which has been worked during the rule of lord Ravana as indicated by the old stories. Ishtreepura is by all accounts a piece of an organization of passages, which is interconnected to every one of the significant areas of King Ravana's city. These passages are yet to be investigated. Sthreepura is one of the significant Ramayana Sites of Sri Lanka

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