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Eco and Off the Beaten Adventure Tours in Sri Lanka

Eco and Off the Beaten Adventure Tours in Sri Lanka

Are you a lover of adrenaline? Do you love the rush of experiencing new activities and feeling your heart beat faster than you can at home? If so, you're an adventure lover. Adventure tourism is the act of exploring a destination by participating in physical activities. For those looking for thrills, adventure activities are a great option. We have compiled a list with the 5 top adventure activities in Sri Lanka for all of these travelers.

Sri Lanka may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about adventure. You will be amazed to learn that Sri Lanka is becoming one of the most sought-after adventure destinations in India. Here are the top five adventures that you can enjoy on a Sri Lankan tour.

Top adventure activities in Sri Lanka

Whale Watching

Whale watching is one of the most thrilling water activities in Sri Lanka. Blue whales, the largest animals in the world, can be spotted. Did you know that blue whales migrate between October and April from the south polar waters (Antarctica), to the warm tropical north waters of Sri Lanka for breeding purposes, and then migrate to warmer waters in May and September to feed.

Mirissa is the best spot for whale watching. You will be able to see these majestic mammals just a few feet from your boat. Wake up early to board your boat and go whale watching in the middle Indian Ocean. The tour takes between 2 and 3 hours. The morning sun rising over the ocean, and the water splashing around your boat are some of the highlights. It is a sight to see, the majestic dolphins and whales swimming in tropical waters.

Zipline in Ella

You can slide at 80kmph through the lush green estate of Ella and take in the stunning views of the hills. The Zipline in Sri Lanka is for thrill-seekers only. The zipline can be seen from almost 82m above the breathtaking landscape. As you zipline at an exciting speed, take in the beautiful greenery and lush surroundings. Ella is full of natural beauty, and the zipline is one of Ella's best activities. You should wear comfortable clothing for this activity, as the tight harness will wrap around your waist and thighs. This can make it uncomfortable. Professional expertise and the best equipment set the stage for an exciting zipline experience. Enjoy the zip-line that runs for over half a kilometre in Sri Lanka and take in the natural beauty of the region.

Climbing Adam’s Peak

Adam's Peak can be found in Sri Lanka's central highlands. It is also known as "Sri Pada". It is a conical mountain of 2,243m height. You should climb it early in the morning, preferably at night, to enjoy the spectacular sunrise and stunning views. Between the Unduvap (December), and Vesak May poyas, thousands of Buddhist pilgrims visit Adam's Peak. They believe the footprints at its top belong to Lord Buddha.

As you climb approximately 5000 to 6000 steps, it is important to wear comfortable shoes. This is a difficult climb. There are several shops selling warm cloths and local art at the top of the climb. You can also see the magnificent statue of Lord Buddha, who is resting in peace. Relax once you have reached the top. Enjoy the amazing view of the clouds and mountains. Then, take a deep breath and let go.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting, one of the most popular and exciting water-based activities is available. This experience is also available in Sri Lanka. Kitulgala is the best place to go white water rafting if you're planning a trip to Sri Lanka. Kitulagala can be found west of the road that connects Kandy and NuwaraEliya. Kitulgala is a well-known filming location for David Lean's 1957 Oscar-winning epic "Bridge on the River Kwai", which was shot on the banks the Kelani River.

Kitulgala's main attraction, white water rafting. You can take the Kelani River tides on your raft. You will feel magical by the river and its surroundings. Rafting covers 5km. rafting also offers the opportunity to explore hidden rock pools and jungle trails that are suitable for swimming.

Scuba diving at Hikkaduwa

You can register to scuba dive at any Hikkaduwa institution that is certified by PADI. Scuba diving activities last from four to five hours. They include one shallow and one deep dive. The rest of the time is used for preparation. You will be able to see vibrant corals and shoals full of fish as you dive deep into the ocean.

Trekking in Knuckles Range

High altitude trekking in central Sri Lanka, near Kandy, offers trekkers a stunning view and adventurous trekking opportunities. Knuckles Forest is highly recommended to enjoy your adventure holiday in Sri Lanka.

From November through April is the best time to visit the Knuckles Forest. It is strongly recommended to have multiple members to this group due to the difficulty of the trek. A trekking guide can be very helpful to ensure a safe and enjoyable trek through the knuckles forest. Knuckles forest, also known as "Dumbara Valley", is one of the largest forest reserves in the country. There are many treks that can be done in the forest. The difficulty and duration of each trek will vary. Talk to your agent about the best trek for you.

Horton Plains National Park

It is important to include Horton Plains national park as part of your adventure holiday in Sri Lanka. This high-altitude forest offers a unique experience in mountaineering through a forest canopy and the chance to enjoy the beauty of an unspoiled wilderness.

It is best to visit Horton plains national parks in the morning. The misty afternoon makes it difficult for people to walk through the forest. You will find many sambar deer in the park's large open space, which includes streams, grasses, and isolated trees. Horton plains national Park is located at 2100-1300m above sea level. It is the highest adventure trekking area on the island. The distance between NuwaraEliya and Horton Plainsplainsplains is approximately 30km.


Kalpitiya, a new beach destination, is not included on most adventure tours to Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya is hidden from the bustle of urban centers and towns. Kalpitiya can be found 160km away from Colombo, hugging the northwest coast belt of the island. Kalpitiya's jewel is Puttalam lagoon, one of the largest lagoons. This huge lagoon is ideal for watersports and has shallow waters.

Puttalam lagoon, which is home to kite-surfing, is the most popular place on the island. It has the best wind conditions and is a great spot for this sport. Kalpitiya has yet to be explored fully. The beaches are still unexplored and very few tourists visit. Many luxury hotels have been built here and more are in the process of opening. Kalpitiya's tranquil waters are ideal for waterskiing and windsurfing.

A large number of dolphins live in the waters off Sri Lanka's North-West coast. Many tour operators offer whale and dolphin watching trips from Kalpitiya. The northeast monsoons are the best time to visit Kalpitiya's beach. The calm, quiet waters off Kalpitiya are ideal for saltwater activities like swimming, snorkelling and diving.

For water sports enthusiasts, Sri Lanka's stunning coastline is paradise. There are many exciting adventures waiting for you. As we discover new locations, we keep adding to the list of places you can enjoy water sports. Ceylon Travel Dream can organize one- or multi-day tours of various locations around the island for an affordable price if you are interested in exploring any of these places.


Travellers who fly to the international airport in Colombo will find Negombo as their closest beach destination. It is only 8 km from the international airport of Colombo to Negombo. The drive takes less than 30 minutes between two places. For travellers arriving on the island to enjoy a quick vacation, Negombo is the easiest place to reach. Many travellers who spend time in Sri Lanka while on transit to Negombo enjoy their leisure time.

You can enjoy many watersports at this beach vacation destination, including fishing, boating (boating on the lagoon, canal, and in the ocean), windsurfing and kitesurfing. Negombo is a part of many adventure tours to Sri Lanka. The guests spend a few days in Negombo. This allows them to enjoy the beach and engage in exciting adventure activities. Negombo is a great place to learn windsurfing. It can be done at any time.

Surfing in Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is by far the best spot for surfing on the island. It is therefore part of many adventure tours to Sri Lanka. Arugam bay can be found 408km from Colombo in the eastern corner Sri Lanka, near Batticaloa. Arugam Bay is a well-known surf vacation destination. It is regularly visited by some of the best surfers around the world. Every September, Arugam Bay hosts the world surfing championship. The 2019 World Surf League (WSL), Men's Event, was held 25-29 September 2019. It contributes to the qualification for 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Arugam Bay is popular with surfers and tourists. Arugam Bay is best visited between April and November. This is parallel to the south west monsoon. During this time, the eastern portion of the island experiences dry weather without the monsoon.


Weligama, a popular beach resort on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, is rapidly growing. Over the past few years, it has attracted the attention of many hotel investors. Some of these investors are leaders in the hospitality sector, such as the Marriott hotel. Weligama can be used for snorkeling, surfing and diving. Weligama also offers the opportunity to learn these water sports.

Two kilometers of sandy beaches in Weligama are home to some of the best diving spots on the south coast. These sites are popular with both novice and experienced divers. Many surf schools have been established on the Weligama Beach. Early hours are the best time to learn. Due to the effects of the monsoon throughout the year, November through April are the best times to snorkel or dive in Weligama.


Bentota is by far the most popular island beach destination. It is also known as the "golden miles". Bentota's main attractions are its gold-coloured beaches and shallow water. Each year, the beach resort of Bentota attracts the most beach holiday-lovers to the island.Bentota's pristine beaches are perfect for sun, sand and fun. Bentota beach resort can be described as a land that extends from the coast from the mainland. It is surrounded in three directions by the sea, BentotaRiver and the ocean.

Bentota Beach is unique because it has direct access to both the Indian Ocean and the Bentota River. This allows visitors to enjoy watersports in both ocean-based waterspots as well as those that are performed in inland water sources. There are many water sports available in Bentota. Some of the most popular include surfing, waterskiing and banana ride.

Bentota beach resort is a popular destination for watersports. There are also a dozen water sports centres that provide guidance and equipment for adventure. While most activities can be done throughout the year; however, the best time to do saltwater-based activities is between November and April.

Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna a bay off the south coast that has the shape a horseshoe. Unawatuna, unlike other beaches on the south and west coasts of Sri Lanka is a year-round holiday destination. This beach holiday destination is dominated by water sports and the beach. Unawatuna Beach is located just south of Galle. It is approximately 10km from Galle to Unawatuna.Unawatuna is home to some of the most beautiful diving and surfing spots in Sri Lanka. They are also home to exotic marine life. Unawatuna is a popular spot for surfers and divers. Many shipwrecks can be found in the sea around Unawatuna, some of which were lost thousands of years ago. Because of the clarity and purity of the water, November through April is the best time to go surfing or diving in Unawatuna.

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