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Honeymoon Couple Tours in Sri Lanka

Honeymoon Couple Tours in Sri Lanka

An unforgettable trip to Sri Lanka is guaranteed by a honeymoon in Sri Lanka. The Indian Ocean Island is home to a variety of cultures and unique experiences. This island is a great choice for honeymooners looking for adventure and unique experiences.

Best Location in Honeymooners in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a beautiful little country on the Indian Ocean. But Colombo is the country's executive- and judicial center is especially stunning. It's located on the west coast of Sri Lanka, near the Greater Colombo area, and is often called "The Garden City of the West". It is a small planet with over 5.6 millions people. This magnificent city is the heart of the country. Colombo's city is spectacular with its picturesque landscape, lush green tea fields, golden beaches, and stirring mountains. There are many stunning natural, historical, and cultural sights throughout the country, each one more beautiful than the next.

There are many tourist attractions in Colombo. You will find it difficult to find time during your stay. When the city offers so many things, it can be difficult to plan your day. The list of places to visit includes the Gangaramaya Temple which will help you understand South Asian culture and beliefs. There is also the Galle Face Green, famous for its beautiful sunsets. Viharamahadevi Park, Independence Square are must-sees.

Colombo offers many entertainment activities as well as many tourist attractions. The day tour to Colombo offers many adventure activities. There are many opportunities to relax and unwind, such as yoga and spa sessions. Colombo experiences intermittent rain throughout the year, except for the dry season from January to March. This is the coldest season of the year with little humidity. It's perfect for sightseeing in Colombo and allows visitors to fully enjoy their visit.


Bentota, a city in Sri Lanka, is named after a mythical demon Ben who ruled over the tota (or the river banks). You can reach Bentota by heading south from Beruwela. It is located approximately 62km south of Colombo. This exotic beach is located on the Colombo– Galle road. This beach is dotted with lagoons that stretch along the shoreline, adding to the tranquility of its archipelago full of birdlife and tropical greenery.


Relax and rock gently in the gentle breeze. Then, relax into a hammock, crack open a coconut, and let the hours, days, or even weeks, go by quickly. Mirrisaor is for you! It is a small community located in the Matara District of Southern Province at the Southern Cost of Sri Lanka. Mirrisa is located at 4 meters above sea level and is approximately 240km from Colombo. It's also 4 km south of Wligama. It is a small, but rapidly developing beach in Sri Lanka.


Kalpitya is often tagged as "the future of Sri Lankan tourism". However, this tag has been misleading. Kalpitya has recently risen to unprecedented heights in the global tourism radar. The remote peninsula, which is located in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka, is made up of 14 islets. The quaint town's highlight is Kalpitiya Beach, which is linked to the other islets.


Ella, a charming hamlet with green tea plantations and lush greenery, is a paradise for peace-seekers and nature lovers. With its beautiful spice gardens, breathtaking waterfalls and adventurous mountain hikes in Sri Lanka, this small town is a magnet for tourists. Ella is a true natural wonderland, with its serene Nine Arches Bridge and Little Adam's Peak as well as the stunning waterfalls of Ravana Falls or Bopath Falls. It is home to historical tourist attractions such as Ravana Caves or Dhowa Roc.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya literally means "City of Light" and is Sri Lanka's coolest city. If you enjoy visiting hill stations, the picturesque landscapes of this city will blow your mind. Nuwara Eliya is Sri Lanka's highest mountain peak. It boasts natural beauty.

Yala National Park

It is not unusual to see a leopard roaming in the Park of Yala. You will be amazed at the wild world of nature within Yala National Park. This park will inspire you to learn more about wildlife. Yala National Park can be found in the South-East of Sri Lanka. You will find both wildlife and nature, but also some cultural ruins that give you a deeper understanding of the past civilization. The Yala National.


We tend to focus on the African safari, but we forget that Asia is home to a variety of unique ecosystems. This connects India to Asia via another place called Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is well-known for its large range of safaris as well as the beautiful city Harbarana.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the kingdom of the lion, has been declared a World Heritage Site (UNESCO). It is a haven for wildlife and nature lovers. It is home to many endemic species of birds, mammals and plants from Sri Lanka. This Forest Reserve is home to more than 95 percent of Sri Lanka's endemic birds, and over 50 percent of endemic mammal species. The forest is covered with rain clouds all year. The reserve spans approximately 21 km from east to west and 7 kilometers from north-south.


Kandy is one of the most important cities in Sri Lanka. The town is surrounded by dense forests and mountain ranges. It sits at a height of approximately 500m above the sea level. This gives it the feeling that you're living in a modern valley. This city enjoys a beautiful climate because of the support provided by nature. When you visit a city with lakes or special landscapes, it is always a pleasure.


Anuradhapura's remains are unquestionably the most striking sites in South Asia. This sprawling complex includes a wealth of architectural and archaeological treasures. These include crumbling temples, massive brick towers, and archaic swimming pools. They were all built during the rule over Anuradhapura, which lasted for many thousand years.


This beautiful beach town is located in Sri Lanka's southern region. It's a beautiful place to honeymoon, with its stunning scenery and breathtaking beaches.Both of you can take whale and dolphin watching tours, go on a beach trip or even go on a luxury leopard safari. Midigama is one of the top Honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka for surfing.


You can find great Scuba diving experiences in Sri Lanka if you search the web for honeymoon spots. Kirinda is a great place to start your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. It has beautiful lakes. This small village is a great place to honeymoon in Sri Lanka for lovers and those who enjoy a little adrenaline rush. A safari tour can be taken through the lush green countryside and you will also visit the Kirinda Beach and Tissa Lake as well as Yoda Lake and Kirinda Viharaya Mata Devi Temple.


Negombo is known for being the city of tranquility. Negombo is a peaceful city set against a beautiful backdrop. It offers many activities for couples.The place is easily accessible from the airport. You can enjoy the scenic backdrop while riding. This is why it made our list of Honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka. The beautiful scenery and quiet beaches make it a romantic getaway for couples.


You will find many Honeymoon spots in Sri Lanka, which is a romantic tourist spot that doesn't get enough attention. Polonnaruwa is a popular spot. This town is known for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which add a rustic charm.You can take a walk and see the remains of buildings and monuments from the past. It is a charming romantic spot with its serene setting and rustic backdrop.

Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island, one of Sri Lanka's two marine national parks, is 17th. It is home to the doves and rock pigeons. It is home to some of the best-remaining coral reefs in the country and is one the most famous scuba diving sites in Sri Lanka.

It includes a charming white sand beach and well-preserved historical remnants. There is also an uphill hiking trail that offers breathtaking views and tranquility. You can find a variety coral reef fauna here, as well as colonies of rock pigeons or turtles.


This place is home to the Sigiriya Fortress, a 1600-year-old fortress built by King Kasyapa. The massive compound is protected with three ramparts and two moats.It is located 165km from Sri Lanka. The best time to visit is in the morning, or in the afternoon.


For Honeymooners in Sri Lanka, Kandalama, a beautiful village is a must-see. This small village's natural beauty will amaze you. The Kandalama Reservoir is a stunning backdrop to the village. It also contains two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.This is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon, far from city noises. Spend quality time with your partner while you take in the beauty and wildlife of the area.


Hikkaduwa can be found in the extreme south of Sri Lanka. This beach is perhaps the best in Sri Lanka. If you love surfing, Hikkaduwa is your paradise. This tiny town was devastated by the tsunami of 2004. Many locals were also killed. To see the extent of the damage that Hikkaduwa sustained, there is also a tsunami photo museum. It has been regrown from scratch since then.


Uppuveli is a combination of culture and tropical beach vibe. You will both love the stunning views created by the golden sand and the sunlight. As you take in the warmth of the sun and the beauty that the blue waters offer, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this small town.


Unawatuna can be found in the extreme south of Sri Lanka. It is a beach town. It is located 108 kilometers south of Colombo and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. It is home to a wealth of biodiversity. Bird-watchers will love Unawatuna. There are more than fifty species of birds that can be seen on the Rumassala Hills. There are many rare species of birds that can be seen on the Rumassala Hills, including sunbirds and bulbuls as well as swallows and crows. You can't miss a lot of coral reefs.


This historical city in Sri Lanka, located on the country’s southwest coast is known for its portuguese heritage as well as dutch colonial architecture. Galle is home to many of the most popular tourist attractions, including grand museums, mansions and churches, as well as mosques and churches. The beautiful city of Galle, which boasts the ocean and stunning sunsets, was established by portuguese settlers in the 16th century. You will find Galle embracing its rich heritage at every turn. Galle will bring back memories of its portuguese and dutch heritage. It is also known for its rich Sri Lankan cuisine, pepper pot towers, and bastions. You will feel like you are in a Mediterranean city with its sunny skies and blue waters, lush rainforests, Hiyare and Kanneliya, and the narrow streets lined with shops selling everything, from delicate jewellery to shoes and clothes.


Weligama is a beautiful combination of beach resorts and fishing towns. Weligama, a place to learn, is a great spot to visit with a couple in Sri Lanka. It's quieter and more family-friendly than most other places. Many surfers have seen the waves at Weligama.

There are many water sports available on the beautiful beaches. You can just enjoy the sand and waves, even if you don't want to do any of these activities.


Slowly but surely, Jaffna is regaining its status as the capital of Hindu culture, art, and tradition. It is welcoming visitors again despite all odds and looks forward to rising again. It is a small, charming, and unassuming place that you can visit if you want to learn, experience, and live the Tamil or Sri Lankan culture.There have been decades of embargoes and wars as well as emigration and loss of life.


Kalutara, a popular destination for honeymooners looking for a peaceful getaway on the beach, is a great choice. Tourists will be captivated by the city's architecture and historical monuments. Kalutara's unique scenery adds to the city's charms. It is peaceful and tranquil due to its religious significance.

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Sri Lanka

Cape Weligama

Where trade winds carried legendary explorers like Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta and Fa-Hsien past Sri Lanka's soaring southern cliffs on some of history's most celebrated nautical journeys, Cape Weligama has become the most celebrated resort along this fabled island's palm-fringed shores. Thirty minutes east of Galle, Cape Weligama inhabits 12 manicured acres atop a singular promontory rising 40 metres above the Indian Ocean. Stunning panoramas await you, naturally complementing the 39 private retreats designed by one of Asia's most celebrated architects, Lek Bunnag. The hotel’s dining venues capture Weligama's iconic sunsets, as does the 60-meter crescent-shaped infinity pool that appears to flow seamlessly into the shimmering sea, while those timeless breezes ensure elegant swells unfurl onto the sun-kissed sand.

Aditya Boutique Hotel

Aditya Boutique Hotel, a small luxury hotel in Hikkaduwa (Sri Lanka). It's a beautiful beachside resort, similar to Mirissa. There are many things to do at Hikkaduwa. You can swim with turtles, surf, and eat fresh seafood.The hotel has large, spacious rooms that are modern and well-designed. Every room has its own private pool, making it the ideal romantic getaway.

Riff Hikkaduwa

Riff Hikkaduwa invites to indulge in the first Hikkaduwa Hotel Design; to indulge yourself in serendipitous discoveries and to embrace a new expression luxury. While celebrating Hikkaduwa’s rich culture and history, we offer the warm hospitality that Sri Lanka is known for. You are invited to the holiday of dreams!

Calamansi Cove Villa

Enjoy a refreshing glass of fresh calamansi as you stroll along the bustling strip of Ahungalla Hotels.The tropical citrus will remind you of the coastal luxury we offer, no matter where your eyes might wander in our gardens.

Amaranthe Bay

The enchanting 'Amaranthe Bay" is situated at the edge the slow meandering Pillaikulam Aru. It is a beacon of luxury, with a breathtaking landscape of tranquil sunrises and psychedelic sundowns. The breezes sweep across the still waters, and are accompanied by birdcall and the swishing oars. This is "Amaranthe Bay."Amaranthe Bay is a small luxury hotel located on the East Coast Sri Lanka.

Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes

The Jungle Beach Resort is a private resort located far from the other hotels. Even though it is a bit out of Trincomalee you are still only a short distance away if you feel adventurous.All guests will enjoy a chalet-style accommodation with their own private paradise. Each room has a main living area, balcony, and bathroom. You could even jump into the pools from your front porch!

Jetwing Surf

An uncharted coastline divides our lush lands from the Indian Ocean at the eastern end of our teardrop-shaped Island. The harmonious relationship between nature and man is an example of coexistence. This story is effortlessly brought to life in our cabana resort at Pottuvil Point. It's a peaceful hideaway close to Arugam Bay.

The Sri Lankan hospitality in the East is an example of eco-tourism at its best. Natural ventilation was used throughout the property and in the rooms to reduce carbon emissions. John Balmond, an aspiring architect, designed the natural structures of wood, woven coconut palm leaf leaves, and dried illuk grass to welcome you into a true Sri Lankan environment. This is named after a famous pastime that has attracted travellers to our neighboring waves for many decades.

Anantara Kalutara Resort

Anantara Resort, a luxurious, large resort located just an hour from Colombo, Sri Lanka's capital city is a luxury option. This area is renowned for its beaches, which are pristine and perfect for splashing around in the cool, calm waters.

This hotel offers luxurious amenities, including spa services and massages.You can enjoy sunbeds at both the beach and pools. The hotel has everything you need so you won't want to leave. This is the perfect place to start your adventure in Sri Lanka on your honeymoon.

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