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Beach and Sea Tours in Sri Lanka

Beach and Sea Tours in Sri Lanka

Enjoy the splendid sandy beach collection that covered the island, Sri Lanka is the most tourist attraction island due to its splendid sandy beach to visit more travelers and spend their leisure time in Sri Lanka beach. Being able to sunbathe, swim, do water sports, deep-sea diving. There are so many stunning coastal townlets to spread a warmly welcome guesthouse, exciting hotels, or luxury boutique villas by the sea. Most colorful fringed by palms trees with smooth sands and blue water cause an exciting holiday destination close to the Indian Ocean.

Basically taking the most iconic beaches Nilaveli, Kalkudah, Arugam Bay Mirissa Unawatuna Uppuveli Negombo Tangalle Beach Muhathuwaram Bentota Hikkaduwa Talalla South in Sri Lanka, to give a remarkable holiday experience in your bucket list

Bentota Beach

Bentota, a bare 45 twinkles down from Colombo along the Southern expressway, hails as a premier resort city with no lower than 15 Star class Hospices clustered together plus multitudinous other lower than 10 apartments exchange style hospices with Sun, suds, and beach. This gives the caller an ideal chance to stay in one and savor numerous different above water conditioning, Bentota has always been famed as the water sports capital of Sri Lanka with the hostelers in the area laboriously promoting water sports from adrenaline-filled speed boats and spurt ski riding, windsurfing, boogie boarding, water skiing, vampire surfing, to a tardy lift on a banana boat for the family & kiddies

Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa is one of the swell probing spots in Sri Lanka, extending a crystalline hot water base. The swells discrepancy in size from 4 to 11 bases. Shoveling in the Hikkaduwa demesne is rather easily bestowed and gets the swell surfing during its droughty season, which is from November to March. There are 4 hotspots in Hikkaduwa. Scuba diving and diving in crystalline waters are a considerable formerly moment along this length and is the most ecological drive to have the multicolored fish that flick about. The coral sanctum along the seacoast of Hikkaduwa is a tidy shallow bulk of water banded by a reef, decorated with layers of varicolored corals, and is range to innumerous multicolored fish. Off the sand there's a assemblage of fragile islands banded by beautiful coral casts. legion order of fish and tidy turtles are plant again. There are beyond than four different cataclysms for diving soft traces to cave as easily as diving shops extending PADI procedures and guise

Mirissa Beach

In this Mirissa trip companion, we tell you everything you need to know about Mirissa in Sri Lanka. The highlights and hotspots of Mirissa, voguish exertion also and the most remarkable taverns in Mirissa!. A golden sand girdled by win trees. Dozens of beautiful caffs with succulent dishes on the menu. Cybersurfers, trendy shops and retired design taverns. Drink to Mirissa, one of the most popular sand spots in Sri Lanka and this isn't without reason.

So many International travelers come to mirissa for whale watching, Dolphing watching and Beach Enjoy.

Tangalle Beach

Tangalle Beach is the perfect place to go for a peaceful and quiet holiday. The beautiful white beach sand will give you the true vibes of a tropical paradise. The white beach goes on for kilometers at a stretch with laurels and strands on both the north and south sides. Tallanga, firstly, was a fishing vill, which suffered monstrously during the swell in 2004 and they've been rebuilding since. Though the strands and laurels also are really stirring, but it does n’t attract too numerous rubberneckers, making it a perfect peaceful flight. The sand offers some of the most spectacular views of the evening. Though the water is deep blue and enough, swimming at Tangalle Beach isn't suitable as the runs can be fairly rough and it can be fairly dangerous. The small bay with a sheltering reef, is one of the places that you should surely visit. The reef catches the bigger swells and it acts like a natural Jacuzzi. The soft beach of the sand also make it an ideal spot for a nice morning run.

Passikudha Beach

Pasikuda, meaning “ green-algae-bay” is deposited in Eastern coast of Sri Lanka between Kalkuda and the Indian Ocean, roughly 35 kilometers from Batticaloa Town. The turquoise blue waters of the bay attracts original and foreign rubberneck to this wide sandy place under the hot tropical sun to suds, swim or just frolic in the water. Multitudinous other exertion are available from shark surfing, boogie boarding to surfing and sailing across in a canoe. Long out of reach due to the civil conflict in Sri Lanka, is nowre- arising as a rubberneck hot spot in the East of Sri Lanka. Coconut triumphs and palmyrah tree bedeck the props of this area, due to thesemi-thirsty state, Sun screen and a large brimmed headpiece is recommended along with lots of liquid, to keep the heat under control

Arugam bay Beach

There’s not important to ARUGAM BAY vill itself just a single main road running parallel to the sand dotted with guesthouses, cafés and shops, including some of Arugam Bay’s trademark quirky folksy architectural creations – rustic win-thatch wickiups, teetering treehouses and other antique structures (not to mention the distinctive rustic kiosk café and red British telephone box of the corner Siam View Hotel). The sand is now looking better than ever following recent concurrences during which the authorities ordered the jilting of all structures within 20m of the waterline (albeit at considerable cost to original bonifaces and other residers, who were forced to watch as the government bulldozers rolled by and shortly razed significant slices of prized real estate). A-Bay also marks the rough border between the Sinhalese- maturity areas to the south and the substantially Tamil and Muslim areas further up the seacoast, and boasts an suddenly miscellaneous but harmonious blend of all three ethnical groups – as well as a growing number of Western expats. Fears that the vill’s uniquely (for Sri Lanka) volition and slightly off-the- wall character will be canceled by larger and further mainstream tourism developments remain, still, especially given the forthcoming opening of the new Hambantota field, which will make the vill significantly easier to reach for transnational guests. For the time being, still, Arugam Bay preserves its own enjoyably eccentric charm

Nilaweli Beach

Nilaveli Beach is located only a numerous kilometers down from the municipality of Trincomalee. This bitty megacity is perfect for those wanting a relaxed underwater stay in Sri Lanka. Also’s everything you need to know about visiting Nilaveli, Sri Lanka as well as the swish goods to do!

Talpe Beach

Talpe beach truly calm pace and not crowd. the sound of ocean swells are much better to heard and nice view of swells make the mind relax. Talpe beach tanks are one of most popular beach near Galle. According to the townies the rock pools were cut out of the corals around 50 times agone and was used to soak coconut cocoons in order to separate the coconut coir. Rock pool beach swish time to visit is early morning from March to April. At other times the pools are filled with sand

Kalpitiya Beach

The Sinhalese chronicle Mahavamsa states that Napoleon Vijaya landed in a place not too far from the present day Kalpitiya. A flaxen headland which keeps the Kalpitiya lagoon sheltered from the Indian Ocean, the blue water with a calm face lights the wolf cybersurfers to try the breath coming across the peninsular towards the land and enjoy a trouble free lift without the hassle of a unlooked-for guest, which as every wolf cybersurfer knows can be a trifle further than tricky to handle on a board. Kalpitiya is also the voguish place to see Dolphins and during the season you can witness Dolphin capsules up to 1000 to 1500 members at most given times. We can arrange accommodation in a introductory vacation cabin or a nice sand hall in Kalpitiya area or get a boat lift organised from Negombo and do to Kalpitya by ocean, known hotspot for reef harpies, devilfish shafts and sometimes turtles, in our opinion a week’s vacation also of snorkelling and diving will slightly scratch the face of what’s on offer

Chillaw Beach

Mannar Beach

Kites Beach

Mountlavinia Breach

Galla Face Meach

Wadduwa Beach

Kalutara Beach ( Kalido Beach )

Hirikatiya Beach

Dikwella Beach

Matara Beach

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