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Cycling & Byke Ride in Sri Lanka

Cycling & Byke Ride in Sri Lanka

Elkaduwa Cycling Trail

Mountain bikers will adore this path. Net riding distance will associate with 28 ‐ 30 Kms. Yet, it will take 4 ‐ 5 hrs to ride it because of the great trouble level. We will get you from the lodging you stay in Kandy. Bicycles and the visitors will be moved to a point which is 3 kms short to the modest community called Elkaduwa. We will begin riding through the fundamental street (Not occupied by any means) to a certain degree where we will be taking a right hand go to get going with our leading street section. This will be a move through the tea manors and you will cherish the pleasant nature trail. The leading street fragment will be closed close to Elkaduwa Tea industrial facility.

In the event that the visitors are intrigued they can visit a little lake called Sembuwatta (Need to purchase entrance tickets). We will proceed with our ride on a few intense trips towards campbell's path timberland save. We will cross the timberland hold to arrive at the town called Madulkele followed by not many quick downhill segments. The ride will be gone on up to Panvila and the vehicale will show up for the riders to get in and unwind. Visitors will be dropped at their particular lodgings

Kandy Cycling Tour

This is a 3 - 4 hour experience cycle visit. We will take get you from the inn you stay in Kandy. Bicycles will be moved to where 1 km short to Ceylon tea historical center and begin the ride (Popular Hantana climb). Consistent breaks went with rewards. The way will become traffic free when we arrive at the top and loaded with magnificence through tea estates. You can stop us any chance to partake in the nature and for a pleasant selfi. We will ride about 1 hour to arrive at the top.

We will Continue our ride through Udawela street until we arrive where we redirect our path to rock. The path will be brimming with fervor, that you will cherish riding on the rock course through tea manors. Will actually want to see tea culling exercises. The path will be rough and blend of climbs and plummets. This rock segment is a circle back to the Hantana fundamental street. Riders will then have two choices, 1. To choose really testing territory and dive to Peradeniya or 2. Ride back through a similar street and arrive at Heerassagala intersection. The ride will be gone on up to a Sri Lankan conventional food place where we will have a decent Sri Lankan food experience. After the break we will ride along the Mahaweli stream and finish up our ride at Dodanwala Tunel. Visitors will be moved to their separate inn. Best times to begin the visit are around 9.00 am or 3.00 pm

Knuckles Tour

Assuming somebody is searching for an undertaking mixed genuine mountain trekking experience, this would be the best visit to extinguish their longing. This 45Km entire day completely directed visit will give a pleasant and rough terrain trekking experience to the clients that will presumably become one of the paramount exercises they have done during their visit to Sri Lanka.

This is an entire day thorough experience bicycle visit. Better to begin right on time as conceivable after the morning meal. We will get you from the inn you stay in (In Kandy). The vehicle most likely be a safari type jeep. We will be moved to the beginning stage of our ride, which is around 25 Km away from Kandy. We get going with a pleasant downhill towards Knuckles backwoods hold. We will come by a characteristic pool while heading to take a little reprieve before the intense move ahead. The trip will be around 2.5Km with a difficult slope. In any case, the uplifting news is our back up vehicle will be right behind us for us to change to it any time you need. Our next stop will be for the lunch and it will be a great town lunch from a house on our way. We continue with a rock territory which you will appreciate at your most extreme. The timberland cover will give the shade to facilitate our ride. After a few moderate ascensions and a rough downhill we will come to a point called Corbett's hole. The all encompassing perspective there won't ever allow you to leave the spot without taking not many photographs. Our next stop will be for a decent cup of tea at the headquarters site. We begin to move an increase up to Hunnasgiriya for certain trips and an outright exhilarating street downhill. The ride will be finished up at Hunnasgiriya and you will be moved to your hotel in Kandy

Ella Cycle Tour

Cycling in Ella is one of the most continuous movements done by the greater part of the vacationers. This cycling visit covers probably the main vacation destinations in Ella. You will begin cycling to the well-known Rawana Waterfalls. Ravana Falls is one more should visit in Ella. The slope nation of Sri Lanka is very well known for delightful cascades and Ravana Falls is right at the top. It presently positions as perhaps the broadest fall in the country. This cascade estimates roughly 25 m (82 ft) in high and outpouring from an oval-molded curved rock outcrop. During the neighborhood wet season, the cascade transforms into what is said to look like an areca blossom with shrinking petals. Be that as it may, this isn't true in the dry season, where the progression of water diminishes emphatically.

What's more, this ride will be around 30 minutes. On landing in Rawana cascades, you will do a little journeying to observe the Rawana Cave where Rawana concealed a wonderful Indian Princess Sita in the wake of snatching her. The Ravana Cave has situated around 2 km from the Ella town and 11 km (7 mi) away from Bandarawela. It is a serious little cavern, estimated around 50ft wide, 150ft long, and 60ft high. As of late a 20,000-year-old skull was found in the cavern. Then you will do a short cycling ride to partake in the landscapes at Ella hole. This unbelievable hole is one of the most pleasant areas in the country that permits a lot of visual open doors. Toward the finish of this visit, you will cycle back to Ella

Yala Cycling Tour

Cycle along the cushion zone (otherwise called the Elephant Fence) encompassing the limits of Yala National Sanctuary. See untamed life like deer, elephants, wild hog, wild bison; and perhaps even a Sri Lankan panther of which the Yala Sanctuary has a huge populace. As there will be no motor sounds, you will actually want to try not to unnerve the fauna. This likewise implies that you will have more sightings

Sigiriya Village Cycling Tour

You will actually want to spin through a wonderful town with mud streets. (rock street) it is an agreeable experience for you. As well as the street you are on is less traffic. On the way, you can see a little stream, vegetable manors, and tobacco ranches.

Further, you can see an enormous water tank. It is one of the wonderful tanks in Sri Lanka. you can feel the cool wind blowing from the tank. Particularly, you can see tomatoes, papaya ranches, and delightful mountain ranges. You get a chance to take photographs with beautiful encompassing. we give rewards.

Polonnaruwa Cycling Tour

Take a cycling visit through one of the better kept remains of old Ceylon - the UNESCO World Heritage City of Polonnaruwa, which was the middle age capital of Sri Lanka. You will cycle around 10km on delicate surfaces as you whizz between the vestiges. The antiquated heart of Sri Lanka. A significant regal capital with its all around saved twelfth century ruins and amazing stone culture reviews a roused past

Anuradhapura Cycling Tour

Get your most memorable taste of Sri Lanka's sublime history in Anuradhapura! Investigate the remaining parts of one of the island's most prominent realms inside a 5-hour visit cycling campaign. You will burn through the antiquated city and partake in the touring of colossal stupas like mists brought to earth, clever water system works, royal residences and cloisters and the holy Bo tree that are interesting to visit. As you ride among the green yards and tree-concealed roads of antiquated Anuradhapura, it isn't difficult to envision how this city probably showed up in the times of its grandeur

Colombo Cycling Tour

Witness the sorcery of Colombo's roads and find the best touring spots according to another point of view with this intriguing bicycle visit through the city. Get together with your aide outside the Galadari Hotel, then, at that point, start your three-and-a-half-hour investigation of this clamoring city. Investigate the Fort region and look at the frontier, Dutch-style design of the structures nearby. Continue to Viharamahadevi Park, loaded up with lavish plant life and lovely blossoms, and Gangaramaya Temple, with its complicated carvings that grandstand a wide range of refined styles. See the fabulous blend of present-day engineering and culture as you pedal past probably the most active regions in the city, including the Independence Square, Town Hall, and Colombo Museum. Wonder about the lovely Galle Face, a region known for its upscale and rich energy, before you continue to do some gift shopping at nearby shops. Your last stop of the visit is flawless Beira Lake, situated in the downtown area and encircled by huge organizations before the visit closes at your Hotel

Galle Village Cycling Tour

Investigate the wide open of Galle on this thrilling cycling visit. In the organization of an aide, gear up with your protective cap and bicycle and set out from the city. Ride through provincial wide open attractions and respect the existence of country locals. Stop at the tidal pond to watch the birds

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