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Hikking & Trekking Tours in Sri Lanka

Hikking & Trekking Tours in Sri Lanka

Climbing in Sri Lanka is something that most explorers will have longed for sooner or later. Indeed, even the name of the nation invokes pictures of rich, green rainforest, moving mountains, tropical untamed life, and turquoise water. The best climbing in Sri Lanka features that


Traveling the Knuckles Mountain Range might be somewhat of a burdensome undertaking due to the thick haze, capricious climate and the enormous parasite populace. Regardless of every one of these, journeying the Knuckles Mountain Range will end up being a remarkable encounter for it is perhaps the best spot for a hiking venture. Envision changing scenes of meadows to rough mountain tops with wandering streams and streaming cascades showing in the middle between - it is a traveler's heaven.

There are a large number of mountain trails which proposition to travel through cascades, thick backwoods from there, the sky is the limit. Some nature trails are the Mini World's End, Pitawala Pathana trail, Ash cave trail, Nitro cave trail and the Knuckles Summit trail.

Alongside these there are a few short paths, for example, the Last King of Kandy, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe's safe-house place, Rathna cascade journey and the Sitakotuwa limestone cavern and cascade journey. These paths are interlinked to pathways of drink tappers, tea manor laborers, cardamom grower, ranchers and towns.

The vegetation of the Knuckles Mountain Range changes en route from prairies to tropical montane evergreen backwoods to cloud timberlands. Since this mountain range is home to in excess of 128 types of birds, 20 types of creatures of land and water, 15 freshwater species, 53 reptile species and 31 warm blooded animal species, you might get the chance to detect a large number of these species while traveling

Hikking Pidurangala

Pidurangala Rock is a 200m tall rock formation, located right next to the famous Sigiriya Fortress. Sigiriya is an ancient fortress located at the top of a massive column of rock

Pidurangala also has a Buddhist temple at its entrance, as well as a reclining Buddha half way up the rock, but nothing as big as Sigiriya.

Tourists visit Pidurangala more for the hiking and nature element, whilst Sigiriya is more for culture and history lovers

The landscape is a piece testing, with a ton of rocks and steps in the manner. Since it's a genuinely short climb it goes very steep rapidly. It's for the most part sensible until the last piece of the climb.

To arrive at the level of Pidurangala Rock you should appropriately move over certain stones. This implies you can go up or down each in turn. It was anything but an issue on the manner in which up however on the manner in which down we needed to sit tight a piece for our turn

Hikking Pidurutalagala

Pidurutalagala Mountain in Sri Lanka (in a real sense meaning Straw Plateau Rock), which is likewise called Mount Pedro in English is the tallest mountain on the island and arranged in the Central Province, north - upper east to the town of Nuwara Eliya. It is likewise the main ultra noticeable top on the island, and one of just 1515 ultra unmistakable tops all over the planet. A ultra conspicuous pinnacle is a mountain that has geological noticeable quality (level of the pinnacle's culmination over the most reduced shape line circling it up to the most noteworthy highest point) over 1500 meters. Mount Pedro has conspicuousness and height of 2524m (8281 feet) (8292 feet as per the Survey Department).

The heap of Pidurutalagala has a timberland save encompassing it. The woods went through harm a long time back in a timberland fire, causing the deficiency of exactly 3 sections of land of woodland. Notwithstanding, the harm is being fixed now with the help of nature and human mediation. The region of the mountain and backwoods hold has been assigned a super high security zone because of the culmination being utilized to house the interchanges exhibit of the Sri Lankan Government and the Armed Forces of the country

Hikking Kirigalpotta

Kirigalpotta is the second most noteworthy Mountain of Sri Lanka after Pidurutalagala. With a pinnacle height of 2,388 meters above ocean level. Kirigalpoththa is the most elevated point in the Horton Plains National Park and furthermore the most noteworthy pinnacle open to the general population. This 7 KM trail (one way) will take around 5 1/2 hours of traveling, climbing, and mountaineering difficulties. Endeavoring Kirigalpoththa is for the trying travelers just as the circumstances can be slippery because of the trouble of the landscape and climate. For every eight individuals who have arrived at the culmination, one has in every case never arrived at the highest point. A solitary and a somewhat overdeveloped way snake through verdant fields, cloud woods, swamp, and at last steep stone surfaces. Sri Lankan Leopard and Sambur are the greater wild creatures you may once in a while run over; on the off chance that you are fortunate, you might try and experience a couple of endemic bird species too

Hikking Yahangala

Yahangala is situated in the Udailuka Grama Sevaka Division of a delightful town called Kalugala. As a component of the Knuckles Reserve, the first proprietor of this yahangala is the Forest Department. A superb spot loaded with excellence that has a place with the Knuckles Mountains. This is called Yahangala as it is arranged like a bed. Yahangala is found southeast of Knuckles. There is a legend of Ravana in this as well. It is accepted that King Ravana concealed Goddess Sita on this mountain.

The upper piece of the Yahangala rock is around a few sections of land. Can go the two different ways and the entire mountain is an open region to the air. There was no wellspring or tall tree, however broken bits of rock should have been visible all over.

I'm on the right track to say that getting over Yahangala is a mountain dweller's fantasy due to its excitement, yet in addition in light of the remarkable night that can be spent higher up and the lovely landscape that should be visible in the early morning sun and 360 degrees

Hikking Hantaha

Hanthana is known as one of the most famous climbing tracks in Sri Lanka.

It has seven tops as the name of it. Since the greater part of the Government University understudies utilize this track for their yearly climbing meetings it's much famous than others among the youthful age in Sri Lanka

It was pronounced as a natural security area of Sri Lanka in 2010.

During the April occasions, we wanted to ascend the Hanthana mountain range, one of the most lovely tops in Sri Lanka. the Journey began from Fort Railway Station in the first part of the day around 5.55 am.

Tickets were estimated 100 LKR ( 1 USD). We showed up at Kandy Railway Station at 9.30 am. Not many companions from the Peradeniya grounds were hanging tight for us there to direct us through the excursion.

There are not many courses to climb the Hanthana Range. We took the defeat behind the old Bogambara Prison Road. This course was known as the simple method for scaling.

Yet, we had no clue about the course we needed to descend

Hikking Meemure Lakegala

Meemure, Lakegala which is 1494 tall above ocean level is worried as the fantasy or pride of rock climbers in Sri Lanka and is arranged near the limits of the Kandy and Mathale areas. This is the most troublesome slope for rock climbers remaining the twelfth most elevated top in the Knuckles mountain range. It has been called by different names like Ilakkagala, Lanka Pabbatha, Lakgala, Lankagiri, Sumudumalaya, and Samudragiri at various periods of the set of experiences. It very well may be climbed exclusively from March to April and from August to September and climbers keep from climbing it during the blustery and breezy seasons. A British lead representative called E.T. Dison has climbed it first and there are numerous legends of King Rawana and Lakegala too.

The scenery from the highest point of Lakegala after an excursion of sweat and outrageous perseverance is surprisingly charming and heart filling. You should be sufficiently fortunate to experience such an interesting snapshot of mother earth as it pauses your breathing for a couple of moments without a doubt. It mirrors the truth of our human existence with a great many difficulties and arriving at the highest point of Lakegala is generally like winning the existence and surviving supposed hindrances with self-assurance and charged inspiration. Thus, hold hands with us to partake in the well-deserved rush of rock moving to be joined with nature

Hikking Riverstone

The climb in Riverston climb starts at the Riverston Telecommunications Tower. We left our vehicle close to a little stream and started the journey from that point towards the mountains

We headed across the stream and through the rice fields and farmlands towards the Riverston mountains. There is negligible signage however fortunately we had our aide Lukobanda to direct us up. The climb doesn't have a particular name as indicated by local people other than the Riverston Peak Hike

Hiking Manigala

Manigala is a well-known slope station situated in the Knuckles Range. The Manigala Climb Road runs from the Knuckles Conservation Center to Illukkumbura through mountains, fields and stops. The Managala Range in the Dumbara or Knuckles Range in the Kandy and Matale Districts is a biological system with high biodiversity. The Dumbara Range in Manigala is called 'Batadadukanda' because of the way that its western slant is vigorously covered with reeds. Climbers can begin their excursion from the delightful Rathinda town and going through the town to the beginning stage will be precious. Contiguous Rathinda's genuinely provincial life, you can see paddy fields, estates, and all the rustic magnificence

World’s End

An excursion to Nuwara Eliya will offer you a chance to investigate staggering areas of Sri Lanka's slope country. At the point when you consider what to see in and around Nuwara Eliya, there is a place that you shouldn't miss to incorporate. Sri Lanka is an optimal put for going on innumerable climbs. The best approach to World's End is one of them…

On the off chance that you are anticipating a journey that offers brilliant perspectives en route lastly take you to quite possibly the most shocking objections in Sri Lanka, then, at that point, Horton's Plain must have a spot in your movement schedule


Ambuluwawa mountain top has a level of 3567 feet above ocean level. It is situated more than 1000 feet above from the Gampola Town. The pinnacle is situated on the highest point of the mountain top. Since there could be no different mountains in the encompassing region and because of its extraordinary area, Ambuluwawa Tower moves an undisturbed view from a long way away as well as the other way around. The pinnacle is apparent from Gampola Train Station

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