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Ella Day Tours in Sri Lanka

Ella in Sri Lanka

The best tourist attraction place of Ella is located in Sri Lankan highlands, it has belong to the blooming tea plantation with busy factories, pleasant mountains, and serene waterfalls and gain much attractive to the Ella. The famous firmly entwined lovely of Sita, Rama, and Ravana of the Indian epic Ramayanaya is reminded in Ella. It is an outstanding place with waterfalls, railways, hikers, views, and of course, breathing good air to spectacular scenic beauty in Sri Lanka.

One of the world-famous and scenic train ride epics is beginning Kandy to Ella, this train ride takes 05 hours from Kandy across the lush Tea Plantation, Jungle, Tunnels, and mountains. It's like heaven, and smiling locals on the train, wave, and talk to the running children along the tracks. Never give up on this experience one day you stay in Sri Lanka. Little Adams Peak is another famous attraction place to visit Ella, it is less amazing than the original Adam's Peak, from Ella to reach the top of the Little Adam's Peak takes one hour but if you move to reach it quickly to take a tuk-tuk to the start of the trail at Ravana Zipline, once reach out the top of the mountain being able to see lush of the tea plantations, breathtaking nice views as well observing much more things. The proudly architecture engineering of Demodara Nine Arch Bridge is placed between the Ella and Demodara railway station, It was built by the colonial British era in the year 1921. While walking on the bridge would be given the scenes of rolling hills and dense jungle to delight in. The famous Ravana Waterfalls locates10 minute's drive from Ella, it is a huge waterfall that is really quite impressive to see. The popular colorful viewpoint of Lipton Seat is close to Ella city. It's a splendid viewpoint named after the celebrated Thomas Lipton. Thomas Lipton move to British Ceylon in 1890 who was a Scottish businessman and he met James Taylor and together they introduced tea gardens to the country. Thomas has seated with a cup of tea in hand and proudly looks over his estate.

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