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Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa, a beachside resort in southwest Sri Lanka, is known for its beautiful beaches. It is known for its beaches and strong surf, including the palm-dotted Hikkaduwa Beach. There are also many restaurants and bars. Hikkaduwa Beach is located in shallow waters. Its home to the Hikkaduwa National Park. This coral sanctuary, as well as exotic fish and marine turtles, is found just opposite Hikkaduwa Beach. GangaramaMahaVihara, a Buddhist temple with hand-painted murals, is located in the interior.

Hikkaduwa, which offers a hot water base and clear surf, is one of the most popular spots in Sri Lanka. Wave sizes vary from 4 to 11 feet. The Hikkaduwa region is well-known for its surfing. It is best to surf during the dry season (November through March). There are four hotspots within Hikkaduwa. Clear waters make diving in scuba diving a popular activity along this stretch. It is also the best way to see the many colorful fish that swim around. A coral sanctuary is located along the coast of Hikkaduwa. It is a large body of shallow water that is surrounded by a reef. This reef is decorated with multicolored corals and is home to many colorful fish. There are a number of small islands that are surrounded by coral formations just off the beach. Here are large turtles and many species of fish. Divers can explore more than four shipwrecks. There are also diving shops that offer PADI courses and equipment.

Climate of Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa's climate is oppressive, windy and hot. The temperature in Hikkaduwa varies between 76degF and 88degF. It rarely drops below 74degF, or above 91degF.According to the pool score, the best season to visit Hikkaduwa to enjoy hot-weather activities is between December and March.

• The average percentage of sky that is covered by clouds in Hikkaduwa experiences significant seasonal variation throughout the year.

• The clearer portion of the year in Hikkaduwa starts around December 13, and ends around April 11,.

• February is Hikkaduwa's clearest month. On average, the sky is either mostly clear or partly cloudy 40% of all year.

• The cloudier portion of the year starts around April 11. It lasts for 8.9 months and ends around December 13.

• Hikkaduwa's cloudiest month is July. During this time, the sky is cloudy or cloudy 88%.

A wet day is one that has at least 0.04 in liquid or liquid-equivalent precipitation. There are many factors that affect the chance of rain in Hikkaduwa.The wetter season is 8.2 months long, and runs from April 8 through December 14. There's a 43% chance that a given day will be wet. The most wet month in Hikkaduwa's calendar is November. It averages 18.6 and receives at least 0.04 inch of precipitation.

The dry season lasts for 3.8 months. It runs from December 14, to April 8. Hikkaduwa's month with the least amount of rainfall is February. It averages 6.0 consecutive days and receives at most 0.04 inches.We can distinguish among wet days whether they experience rain only, ski alone or a combination of both. November has the highest number of days with rain only in Hikkaduwa, with an average 18.6. This categorisation shows that rain alone is the most frequent form of precipitation in the year, with a peak probability 66% on November 9.

Things to do in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa Beach

It's not the main beach shown on Google Maps. It's just a little further from the past turtle beach. Funky De Bar is also visible along the beach.There are rows upon rows of adorable restaurants along this stretch of the beach. All of them have cute, shabby chic designs to keep you busy for hours. They've been seen at a few of the beaches bars in Bali and especially La Brisa at Echo Beach. But these are the real deal. All of them are still very affordable, offer good food and drinks during the day, and can be transformed into nightclubs at night.

Explore Sea Turtles

Hikkaduwa, the best place to go if you ever wanted to swim with huge sea turtles in the ocean, is Hikkaduwa.You can spot sea turtles right from the town's shore, just floating in the water. They don't fear people and will often swim up to you.

One spot always seems to be home to turtles in Hikkaduwa. This spot is right in front of the HikkaTranz Cinnamon Hotel. This spot is easily accessible from Hikkaduwa's main beach. If you are facing the ocean, turn left and walk around the bay to the end.

You will find a few signs about turtles here. Here is where they are most likely to be found!For those who are unsure, look for the concrete steps or handrail at the hotel on the shore. Ask one of the lifeguards.

They have a turtle hatchery on Hikkaduwa Beach where they keep eggs. You can visit the enclosure between January and April to see if there are any hatching turtles. They release the turtles and let them go for the ocean at 6:30pm.The hatchery can be accessed from any point along the main beach. However, it may not have any turtles. You'll be able to see them hatching throughout the day so keep checking!

Surfing in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa's main beach is ideal for learning how to surf. There are easy waves right at the beach. Nearly every bar and restaurant along the beach rents surfboards and offers lessons at reasonable prices.For more experienced surfers, there is another break that is a little further away. Although I have been surfing a lot since then, however, it is known to be one of the best beaches for surfing in Sri Lanka.

It's also great for beginners. A nice long beach break that you can enjoy a lot!Contrary to what it claimed, the hostel I was staying in wasn't at the main surf beach. It was located a little further along the beach, so it was quite a walk to get there.

The best time to surf was when I was there, which was in the early mornings. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough knowledge about surfing to be able to say if that was because the tide is at its best.

November to March is the best time to surf the west coast Sri Lankan. This allows you to avoid the rainy season. If it's not the other half of year, you'd be better going to Arugam Bay on East Coast.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

If you don't want to be beaten about by the waves, but still want to explore the waters, the Hikkaduwa snorkeling and scuba dive will make it possible. You can rent boats and equipment to go out to Hikkaduwa's coral reef. Maybe you will see turtles in their natural habitat.

Hikkaduwa marine national park is also home to the coral reef, which makes up one of three national parks in Sri Lanka. Because of its high biological diversity, it is protected and therefore ideal for snorkeling.You can also go scuba diving if you prefer. There are many shipwrecks off the coast that I love to swim around. They make me feel like James Bond.

Hikkaduwa River Safari

Hikkaduwa river/lagoon Safaris start a bit further south than Hikkaduwa. You can see mangroves and iguanas around Donanduwa Lake. There are also people fishing and a Buddhist temple.Although the tour takes only 3 hours, it is well worth taking extra time to reach the beginning. If you have the extra money, you can take a tuktuk or ask your safari guide to arrange a pick-up.

Tsunami Museum

Many areas of Sri Lanka were badly affected by the 2004 tsunami, with Hikkaduwa one of those that was. Although we hear very little about the damage caused by the tsunami to Thailand and beaches like Koh Phi because they are more touristy, it had a significant impact on India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar as well as Malaysia and Indonesia.

A Tsunami museum is located 5km north of HikkaduwaTelwatta. It displays photos of the tsunami, as well as the devastation caused by it. One exhibit even shows a train full of passengers being engulfed by the tsunami.This could be interpreted as voyeurism, where one looks at photos and then sees and understands what is going to make them more knowledgeable and prudent in the future.

Safon Robes Art Gallery

Safron Robes, a stunning Gallery located in the middle of town, is spread over four floors. It is filled with vibrant paintings and old artifacts. Although the goal is to make you buy the items, it's worth visiting even if your backpacking doesn't allow for much space.


There are many shops selling activewear and bikinis along the road to Hikkaduwa. They are all made locally and not from big brands, but they are high quality. There were board shorts that I bought for just a few pounds and they lasted me many years.Even better, if you only have a few days to spare, you can order custom-made bikinis or beachwear for a fraction of the cost you would normally pay at home.

Hikkaduwa Marine National Park

Hikkaduwa National Park, which is located in the southern province of Sri Lanka near Hikkaduwa, is home to a variety of marine animals. This is a low-fringing coral reef with a depth 16 feet and a length of 4km. This site was first established in 1979 as a wildlife sanctuary. It was later made a nature reserve in 1988. It was designated a national park in September 2012.

It is home to a wide variety of fauna. There are 60 species of coral and 170 types of reef fish in the lagoon. Staghorn, Elkhorn and cabbage are some of the corals. Dugongs and sea turtles use the reef as their habitat. These marine plants are not the only ones that exist underwater.

There are many activities available at the site, including lagoon tours, lagoon safaris and canoeing. Kalla Bongo, the most well-known resort on the beach offers kayak rentals. Lagoon tours and scuba diving are two of the most popular activities. In the months of May-July, October-January, and 2000 millimetres during the rainy season, this area gets a lot of rainfall. Most activities are stopped during this time. It is not recommended to visit Hikkaduwa National Park during this time. The area's average temperature is between 28degC and 30degC throughout each year.

Hikkaduwa Lake

Hikkaduwa is a beautiful spot for a relaxing excursion in the Southern Province. The lake is located at 2km from Baddegama road. It is home to a wide range of fauna. The lake is home to a variety of species including monitor lizards, colorful birds, fish, crocodiles, turtles, and fish. Hikkaduwa Lake is a natural biodiversity hotspot and provides the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

You can go kayaking, canoeing or canoeing on the lake. There are also lagoon safaris. These activities are supervised by trained professionals. There are a few restaurants that offer authentic, home-cooked seafood at the lake's shacks. Hikkaduwa is a haven for peace-seekers and marine biologists. It is a popular tourist spot in the country.

Narigama Beach

Hikkaduwa was discovered in the 1960's and saw tourists from all over the world flock to the city. Narigama, a famous beach along the coast of Hikkaduwa. Narigama is a place where serenity reigns supreme. The mornings are peaceful with beautiful views of the sunrise. At sunset, the skies turn brilliant orange and it becomes breezy. Narigama has hammocks, live seafood counters and drinks to keep you warm under the sun. There are also warm locals to help you navigate.

The beach is an ideal spot for water sports and adventure during peak tourist season. It is easy to book parasailing, paragliding and scuba diving slots, snorkelling, jet skiing, and scuba diving. You can enjoy both surfing and the waters. You can learn to surf at internationally recognized surf schools. You can ride the waves in style with quality surfboards from local shops. Narigama is a great place to buy quality water sports at a reasonable price. Narigama offers adventure-filled, fun activities for everyone. The Narigama shores of Hikkaduwa are a great spot to capture the perfect shot.

Akurala Beach

Akurala beach is located in Hikkaduwa. It's a paradise beach. Clear water, sandy shores and immaculate coral reefs make for a wonderful beach experience. It is a great spot for swimmers as the water is calm and shallow.

Fisher folk sell freshly cooked fish marinated with masalas. This is a tribute to Sri Lanka and their famous dried fish. Akurala is known for its seafood and you will find a lot of it on your holiday. Akurala is known for its nature walks and water adventures. It is worth visiting Akurala to see turtle hatchings and learn how to dive for beginners.

Pitiwella Beach

Pitiwella Beach, located in Galle's heart, is a quiet beach that can be enjoyed by tourists looking for some solitude. If tourists wish to spend their holiday here, there are many homestays, hotels and resorts that offer stunning views.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Glass bottom boat rides offer a great way to explore the Hikkaduwa coral reefs. Tourists can spot sea turtles while out on the water. The glass bottom allows for the exploration of 70 species of coral reefs, tropical fish, as well as marine life, through the floor.

Sri Pushparama Temple

The Buddhist temple of Sri Pushparama, which has architectural features that are similar to churches, is popular with devotees. It is also an archaeological site. This temple's front facade and doors and windows resemble colonial churches. Two wooden staircases lead to the temple's inner hall and connect to the balcony. The temple compound also houses a giant statue of the reclining Buddha.

Party in Hikkaduwa

You're tired of planning your bachelorette or boy's party to Goa every day and want a place where you can just be yourself. Hikkaduwa is the right place for you! Hikkaduwa, on the southwestern coast Sri Lanka, is a popular tourist spot known for its nightlife scene. You can do everything from beach parties and surfing to drinking and sunsets. Hikkaduwa offers many bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other amenities that are open all week. It is also located near the beach, which adds an extra bonus.

Funky De Bar

Funky De Bar is a popular spot for beach parties on Thursday nights. While enjoying local beers and other cocktails, one can also enjoy the sunset and watch the waves. The DJs play the most outrageous beats to set the mood. If the partying gets you hungry, the restaurant offers a variety of local and home-inspired dishes. Funky De Bar's staff and service will make you feel like you are at home.

Surf Control Rooftop Lounge

Surf Control Rooftop Lounge is the perfect place for a romantic and relaxing evening. Hikkaduwa's hidden gem offers indoor seating under an old-fashioned coconut roof roof and outdoor seating under the stars. You can also enjoy shisha, drinks, games, and grilled food outside the town.

Sam's Bar

Sam's Bar is the best place to go if you're on vacation and looking for some old-fashioned sports. Sam's Bar is one of Hikkaduwa's few bars that specializes in sports. This provides the ideal environment to enhance your experience. You can enjoy alcoholic beverages and pub food, as well as televisions.

Vibration Music Bar

Vibration Music bar is the place to go for live music and dance performances. Vibration Music Bar, which is part of Vibration Hotel and a great place for a night out, is located in a tourist area near other bars and clubs. These factors make the Bar an important part of Hikkaduwa’s nightlife scene. Friday nights are a great place to be if you love Electronic Dance Music. There's a wide variety of DJs on the decks, and there is no end to the party. Their own band, the 'Vibes Tribal Drummers,' is another attraction. They are known for their Percussion sessions. Vibration Hotel guests have free access to the party. Guests are advised that the party can continue until 4:30 AM. The hotel does not have a beachfront but it has rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool, and lounge facilities. If you find the lack of a beach disappointing, Narigama Beach is not far away.

Top Secret

Top Secret bar, despite its mysterious name, isn't a secret to tourists and locals alike. Top Secret is the place to be for a Sunday night party. With its sunbeds and hammocks, cushions and mats, the club creates the ideal atmosphere for a relaxing vacation on the sand. You can also play Ping Pong, Pool, or Slacklining if you are bored of sitting. Top Secret bar offers great music and alcohol. Top Secret offers the possibility of offering rooms in their guest house to party-goers who are looking for a place to stay late at night.

Mambo's Place

Mambo's Place is a great spot for a group of friends to party or chill. Mambo's has luxury rooms with beach views, just like other bars and clubs. They also offer a surf shop and a school for surfers. Mambo's is the main attraction on Saturday nights. Mambo's has a range of reasonably priced drinks that will make your clubbing experience complete.

Blue Moon Restaurant and Bar

Blue Moon Restaurant &Bar is the perfect place to go if you miss out on Saturday night partying. You can enjoy a wide range of delicious beverages, such as Pina-Coladas, on the beach while listening to good music. After a long day sightseeing, the ambiance here is ideal for relaxation. Surfers can relax or ride the waves. There are many cuisines available, including Asian, European and Asian.

The Hammock Seafood Restaurant and Bar

Hammock Bar and Restaurant is located in the Old Dutch Hospital Building. It offers a beautiful view. It is worth a visit to see the stunning views of Galle Harbor from the restaurant. The interior decoration is fun and relaxing thanks to the hammock chairs. This restaurant offers chilled beers as well as fresh seafood options like fish, prawns and lobster. It is the perfect place to treat yourself.

Sea Salt Society

Sea Salt Society is a hotel on the Hikkaduwa's south coast with chic rooms. The rooms offer a tranquil space for tourists, with different shades of blue accentuating the furniture. The Sea Salt Society has a bar and restaurant. It is well-known for its excellent presentation of food and drink. You will be delighted by the Mediterranean-inspired and Asian-inspired menus that include Sri Lankan flavours. The bar offers a variety of exotic-flavored drinks. You can take a stroll along the beach after a delicious meal or two, or just to relax with your loved ones.

How to get Hikkaduwa

• By Fly:Hhikaduwa is closest to the MattalaRajapaksa International Airport in Hambantota. You can choose to travel by public transport, or you can book your seat on a domestic airline flight. Galle is the closest domestic airport, located around 20km from Hikkaduwa.

• By Train - Trains connect Hikkaduwa to major cities like Colombo, Galle, and Kandy, despite being slow and crowded.

• By Bus - Buses depart at regular intervals to take you to and from Hikkaduwa and Colombo as well as Galle.

Hikkaduwa is a popular destination for tourists who prefer to hire an auto rickshaw, tuktuk or taxi for their entire stay. These three-wheelers are available for a nominal daily fee. They also take you to hidden, untouristyHikkaduwa attractions. You can bargain and pay the daily fare for the auto ricksha in advance.

You can also rent bicycles to explore the country at your own pace.It is best to walk around the city. It's a great way to absorb everything the city has to give.

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