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Hikkaduwa Day Tours in Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka

Offering clear hot water and niffy waves the beach of Hikkaduwa is a resort town in Sri Lanka. Situated corner of the southern coastline of the Island, One of the large and most beautiful beachsides in Sri Lanka and easily access to strong surf and beaches, all about known. Take the best surfing during from November to March in the dry season. Here are four hotspots which are scuba diving and diving inconspicuous water and being able to see the colorful marine life that darts around. A variety of colors of the coral sanctuary is along the Hikkaduwa beach, it is a large shallow body of water surrounded by a reef, decorated with terraced multicolored corals, and is home to countless colorful fish and a collection of small atoll surrounded by beautiful coral formations and many species of fish and large turtles are found there.

There is a natural pool beach and can be swimming and enjoy. Many restaurants, hotels, shops, bars, and guest houses gain a witness tourist paradise in Hikkaduwa. An amazing coral reef boat ride with a glass water boat ride takes visitors to admire the wonders of the deep while keeping to see an exciting reef. The Hikkaduwa beach is perfectly spotted for learning to surf and easy waves right on the beach. Scuba diving and Snorkeling to an ideal place for the Hikkaduwa beach and exploring a bit more things

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