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Halal Tours in Sri Lanka

Halal Tours in Sri Lanka

Popular round trip to Sri Lanka, with top attractions such as the Galle Fort and hill country. There are also opportunities to stay at hotels that are halal-friendly. The Crescent rating system, based in Singapore, is our guide to halal-friendly hotels.

Hotels that are not rated by the crescent but do not serve pork or procure halal food items are also featured. These hotels are subject to inspection. We recommend that you make your own choices about what to eat at any hotel.

Best Location Halal Tours in Sri Lanka

Colombo Red Mosque

The Colombo Red Mosque (also known as Jami Ul-Alfar Masjid) is an architectural marvel for the entire world. Its unusual color patterns, unique yet stunning design, and extraordinary colors will amaze you. This oldest mosque, located in Pettah district with its tall minarets towers above the streets and buildings of the neighborhood. It was once a landmark for sailors heading towards Colombo port. Both men and women can access this mosque, but they must be dressed in appropriate clothes, cover their heads and adhere to the customs. This beauty is attributed to the unusual red tone.

Attractions for Tourists at the Colombo Red Mosque

Its unusual architecture, which is quite different from normal Muslim mosques, was created by either a qualified or unqualified builder. Deviating from normal onion-shaped domes, the mosque presents pomegranate-look-liking ones with hybrid structure. The religious structure, which is constructed with Indi-Saracenic architecture has Persian touches in many places, such as minarets. This oldest mosque in Colombo can be seen as a tourist attraction when it is combined with other color patterns, such as red and white swirled together.

The history of the Colombo Red Mosque

Colombo was always a hub for international trade, where Arabs frequented it and were a large population. They were required to observe their daily five-times mandatory rituals. The Indian Muslim Community was given the task of constructing a mosque at Pettah. The construction of the Colombo Red Mosque, also known as the Ji-Ul-Alfar Mosque, was completed in less than a year. The building's chief designer was HabibuLabbe Saibu, who used Indo-Saracenic as well as Neo-classical architectural styles. The Mosque was able to hold 10,000 people in 1975.

How to Reach the Colombo Red Mosque

Jami-UlAlfar Mosque can be found in Pettah, a bustling town located less than 4 km from the center of Colombo. You can easily reach the mosque by bus or tuk-tuk. You can take the bus to the mosque by getting off at Petta Central Bus Station. After getting off, walk for 800 meters down 2nd Cross Street. If you're getting in a tuktuk, they will drop you off directly in front of the mosque. Keep in mind that Fridays and prayer times can be too busy for you to visit.


One of Sri Lanka's most important historical monuments is Sigiriya. Locals refer to it as the Eighth Wonder of the World. This ancient palace and fortress complex is significant in archaeology and draws thousands of tourists each year. It is the most popular tourist spot in Sri Lanka.The palace can be found in the middle of the island, between Dambulla and Habarane, on a huge rocky plateau at 370m above the sea level.The Sigiriya rock plateau is formed from magma from an extinct volcano and is 200m higher than the jungles. The unique harmony of nature and imagination is what amazes visitors to this amazing place.

This fortress complex contains remnants from a ruined palace. It is surrounded by a vast network of fortifications and vast gardens. There are also canals, alleys, fountains, ponds, and canals.

Sigiriya Village Tour

Sri Lanka has many beautiful villages that are friendly and open to tourists. The Village safari Sri Lankan offers a unique opportunity to experience village life. Holiday Lanka Tours is proud to present its village safari which allows tourists to participate in many village activities that influence everyday life such as field walking, catamaran riding and cattle riding.

Holiday Lanka Tours offers Village Tours that will allow you to explore the fascinating rural life in Sri Lanka this holiday season. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet one of the most welcoming villagers in Sri Lanka and learn more about their lives while participating in a variety of Village activities.

Many tourists don't realize that Sri Lanka is home to authentic village life. Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch in traditional Sri Lankan style.The villages of Sri Lanka offer a variety of canoe adventures, thanks to their tropical climate and turquoise waters. You can have a challenging but rewarding experience, no matter if you are an experienced paddler or a novice. Nearly every river in the area offers a canoeing experience. But you might also consider a canoeing adventure in the Mahaweli or Kalu Ganga rivers, or combine canoeing with other activities like trekking and biking.

Minneriya National Park

Minneriya National Park lies in the middle of Sri Lanka's cultural triangle. It is best known for its spectacular elephant migration. This is one of Asia’s most memorable wildlife experiences. In the dry months of June through September, 300 elephants gather in Minneriya National Park around an ancient Minneriya water tank. They take advantage of the receding waters which provide a vital water source.

Sembuwatte Lake

Sembuwatta Lake, a stunning attraction point in the Matale district of Sri Lanka, is located in Elkaduwa. Lake is a tranquil, natural-spring water-filled lake that has been humanly created. It is located adjacent to Campbell's Lane Forest Reserve.

Sembuwattalake also boasts a natural swimming area. It generates electricity for many villages around the lake, making it an important addition to the list of attractions in Sri Lanka. It is home to beautiful pine trees and is well-known for its beauty. Sembuwatta Lake can reach depths of between 30 and 39 feet.

MeeraMakam Mosque

MeeraMakam Mosque is also known as MeeraMaccam Masjid and MeeraMaqam Masjid. It is one of the oldest mosques in Kandy. It is found at the corner Wariyapola Sri SumangalaMawatha, GaminiDissanayakeMawatha (formerly Hill Street and Brownrigg Streets).

The King in Kandy gave the land to the Muslim courtier, Kirhi Sri Rajasinha. This land was previously owned by the AsgiriMahaViharaya. Construction of the present mosque began in 1855, and was completed in 1864.The mosque was named after NagoreSahul Hameed Meeran Sahib Wali a mystic Saint and Islamic preacher. The mosque is the burial place for ShaikSayyidWaliyullah who was his student.

It is rectangular and has a distinct facade. The exterior is white with green accents. It does not have a main minaret , dome or other major elements.Numerous anti-Muslim violence incidents have occurred at the mosque, including the destruction of its walls in January 2013, and the stoneing of the building in July 2015.

Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, visited the mosque on 6 January 2016, as part of his state trip to Sri Lanka.The Centre for Islamic Studies and trustees of the mosque opened the building to the public on 20 September 2017. This was part of the first ever 'Open Mosque Day' in the country.

Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden

The Peradeniya Botanical Garden, located in Kandy's suburb Peradeniya dates back to 1371. This stunning garden was once enjoyed by a Kandyan Queen as a pleasure. It is enclosed on three sides with a large bend in Mahaweli River. The Kandyan prince lived there in the 18th century. In the early 1800s, the lush green tangle was one of the most important Botanical Gardens in Britain. It was briefly used by the Allied Forces Headquarters in the Asian region for a brief period during the Second World War.

Over 4000 species of plants are displayed in the gardens, which are renowned as some of Asia's finest. The Orchid collection is the highlight, as well as a magnificent avenue of palm trees. The gardens contain a wide variety of flowering plants. You can also find a large collection of medicinal plants and spices as you meander through the gardens. The gardens are home to over 60 hectares worth of exquisitely designed lawns, pavilions, and plant houses. It is a beautiful, colorful place with a wide variety of international, Asian, and Sri Lankan flora. Beautiful avenues lead to sections that explode in tropical colour and large lawns sprinkled with huge trees.

If you reserve your spot in advance, &beyond will arrange for buggy carts to be taken from the Gardens. They also offer specialist botanical guides that can accompany you on your visit. They will share their knowledge and experiences about the garden's fauna and flora. Visits usually last between two and three hours.

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