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The Big Five in Sri Lanka

The Big Five in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean which looks like a small droplet of water. It's a naturalist's dream. The small country has more to offer that you might imagine. Sri Lanka is a great place to visit if your goal is to be surrounded with nature. It has beautiful beaches, Rocky Mountains and green meadows.

Sri Lanka is a top biodiversity hotspot. Endemism, which refers to the diversity of faunas and flora in an island country, is extremely high. We are blessed to see the largest living animal both on land and at sea. It is rare to see all these species at once, but Sri Lanka, despite being small, gives you the chance to appreciate nature and wildlife.

Today, we'll be discussing Sri Lanka's "big 5". Africa is where the idea of the "big five" originated. Five distinct animals are included in the list that are difficult to hunt. This means that they are large enough that people will travel far to see them. This idea was used to boost Sri Lanka's status as a tourist destination and as a top location for wildlife travel.

Let's start with the African Big Five: the lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, buffalo, and rhinos. These majestic animals can inspire fear and awe. They are also known as the Sri Lankan big five. These animals include the elephant, leopard, blue whales, sperm whales, and sloth bear. These rare animals are not common in any country. This is why Sri Lanka has been voted the best destination for Big Game Safaris. You can also see all five species of animals if your visit only one or two parks in Sri Lanka in a single day. But that's only if luck is with you!