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Ella in Sri Lanka

Ella in Sri Lanka

Ella, a small village in Sri Lanka's Badulla District, is managed by an Urban Council. It lies approximately 200 km (120 mi) east from Colombo at an elevation 1,041 meters (3.415 ft). This area is rich in bio-diversity and has many varieties of fauna and flora. Ella is surrounded with hills that are covered in tea plantations and cloud forests. Because of its elevation, the town enjoys a cooler climate that surrounding lowlands. The Ella Gap offers views over the southern plains in Sri Lanka.

Ella combines all the best of Sri Lanka into one beautiful place: rolling tea plantations, lush jungles, and breathtaking waterfalls. Travelers can enjoy their time in the most beautiful surroundings and take in the breathtaking views from the hilltop homes or hikes. The train ride from Ella to the city is a memorable experience. You travel on the iconic blue train through tropical mist and bamboo forests. This complete travel guide will show you all there is to do in Ella.

Although Ella's town centre is small, there are many roads that lead off to it. They are all quite steep. These roads offer many accommodation options. It is important to note that driving further out of town can make it more dangerous. Many roads are not well-paved, and many of them have steep drops to the sides (but beautiful views of the valley!). These roads are home to some of Ella's most luxurious hotels. You will find stunning accommodations if you don't mind being close to the bars and restaurants of Ella town center.

Things to do Ella

Mini Adam’s Peak

Mini Adams peak is the easiest and closest hike to Ella. The entrance is about 15 minutes walk from Ella. You can also take the bus to Passara, or a taxi. Start from Ella Town. Follow the Passara Road to the entrance. It is located just after the Flower Garden Resort on your right. There will be a sharp bend.

There are many other names for place. Don't be misled. It is sometimes called PunchiSiriPada or Small Adams Peak. The summit is 1141m high and the hike takes between 30-45 minutes from the entrance. The views from the summit are spectacular. 360 degree panoramic views of the surrounding clouds are a delight for travelers.

The hike itself is worth the effort. You will be walking through tea estates and talking to people who work in these tea gardens. For the best views, we recommend that you visit early mornings or late nights. It will be easier and less exhausting.The difficulty level of the hike can be moderate. However, it is important to stay safe when you attempt poses on rocks while sitting for your camera.

Nine Arch Bridge

The best train tours to Sri Lanka's highlands are rated among the top.The Nine Arch Bridge is just one reason. One of the most impressive engineering feats of the 20th century is the Nine Arch Bridge connecting Ella and Demodara stations.

The bridge is nearly 100 years old and was built using blocks of cement and stone without concrete or strengthening iron. The bridge links to the mountains via giant arches. The British Government commissioned the construction of the Bridge in 1921.

It is easy to get there, but it takes a few minutes by rail from Ella. It has a story that you would love for it to tell.World War One broke out, and the steel consignment that was allocated to this site was seized. It was then used for war-related projects. The work was stopped by Appuhami, a Sri Lankan who built the bridge using cement and solid stone bricks.

Ella Rock

The place is a dream for trekkers. The hiking can be tiring. It is worth it. You will see why we said it. It offers panoramic views with cloud and mist covering the area, particularly in the mornings and late evenings. This is something you must see.

It takes approximately 4 hours to climb up and down. It sounds long. The journey up is full of beauty. You can start at Ella station and enjoy the rail walk. As you climb up you'll pass a waterfall, rubber tree forest, and tea plantations.

It can get slippery on a wet day so be careful what you wear. You will need something appropriate for hiking. The route gets more difficult towards the end, but it is still doable.

Ravana Waterfalls

Ravana Falls is another place you must see in Ella. Ravana Falls, located in the hill country of Sri Lanka, is a popular spot for stunning waterfalls.You can climb over rocks to see the falls from a closer perspective.Ella is the perfect place for you if you love water. Swimming is possible, but it's best to stay safe because the rocks can be slippery.

It is currently ranked as the largest waterfall in the country. The waterfall is approximately 25m high (82 feet) and flows from an oval-shaped concave rocks outcrop. The waterfall appears to be anareca flower with withering leaves during the local wet season. This is not true in dry seasons, when the water flow drops dramatically.

The Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the falls, which are located 6km from Ella Railway Station. Any bus going to Wallawaya can be taken. Any bus going up the hill to Ella will stop at Ella on the way back.

Named after Ravana, the legendary character from India, the falls are connected to the Ramayana. Legend has it that Ravana, the Sri Lankan king at the time, kidnapped Sita and kept her in the caves below the waterfall. The cave was then surrounded by thick forests, in the middle of the wilderness. Also, it is believed that Rama's Queen bathed in the pool that collected water from the waterfall.

Demodara Loop

It was necessary to transport tea estates from the Uva region to Colombo.Engineers and surveyors were constructing a broad gauge line. They found that the track could not negotiate the hills at Demodara. CGR, or Ceylon Government Railway as it was called, allowed only one foot per 44 feet (1/44) so an innovative track design was necessary.Folklore has it that when engineers tried to figure out how to proceed beyond Demodara they were suggested by a farmer to build the track in the same way as his turban.

They had been inspired by his suggestion and are not sure if they followed it. They solved the problem, and their final design allowed them to move the track up to the required elevation to allow it to ascend to the central hills while maintaining the prescribed gradient.

The Demodara Loop is the place where the track runs under itself. It goes around the loop, and emerges from tunnel 42. The Loop measures 441 feet in length. The station is located exactly over the tunnel. This is also the center of the loop's crossing point. This loop is also known as the "spiral loop" or the "circular loop". This loop is also called the 'Demodara looping loop'. It is the only loop with a railway station located exactly over a tunnel at the spiral loop.Among the better known loops are the Septemvri-Dobrinishte two tunnel loop in Bulgaria and the one tunnel Tehachapi Loop in California.

Lipton Seat

It is easy to see why the name Lipton's seat is so popular. It is located at 1970 m above the sea level. This exact spot is located in the Haputale Mountains, overlooking Dambetenna Tea Estate. It was here that Sir Thomas Lipton used sit down and enjoy the view of his tea plantation's stony landscape and green Tea bushes.

If the weather is good, you can enjoy some of the most breathtaking views that you'll ever see in the hill-country. You should plan your visit early, as the area can be cloudy by 10 a.m.You will be able to see the Uva, Sabaragamuwa and Central provinces from the top of Lipton's Seat. This view was taken by Thomas Lipton. It is hard to describe the breathtaking view. It is well worth the climb just for this.

Clear days will allow you to see the Handapanagala Lakes, Chandrika Lakes and Udawalawe Lakes, as well as the Wedihiti Kanda mountain range, and, if you are lucky, the Hambantota Port. Yes. It's the same one that you see all the way down South. It is quite surreal.

Adisham Bungalow

You can drive 4km from Haputale to Adisham monastery, run by Benedictine Monks. Adisham Bungalow is surrounded by the peace and tranquility of the misty mountains. This place was created by Sir Thomas Lister Villiers in 1931, according to the pages of history.

Sir Thomas Lister Villiers was a Kent countryside village that lies in Adisham in 1869. He was the son and grandson of Reverend Prebendary Henry Montegu Villiers, who belonged to the Clarendon family. His mother was Lady Victoria Russell, the daughter of (Grandfather Sir Thomas Lister Villiers), who was twice prime minister of Britain (1846-52, & 1865-66). He was the leader of the Whig party and most responsible for the Liberal Party's name change.

Near Adisham bungalow, there are many tea estates as well as Hindu Kovils. The bungalow's upper side is covered with a eucalyptus tree. On the lower end is the railway that runs between Haputale Station and Idalgashinna Station.

Garden of Adisham can be described as a fruit and flower estate. Adisham bungalow produces jams, cordials, and other foods that can be purchased.Adisham does not offer accommodation for more than 12 people, but it is important to note that Adisham is neither a Villiers museum or a commercial guest-house. People who are looking for a Christian spiritual experience, guidance and counsel, in a place that is unmatched in peace, solitude, and beauty, would love Adisham. The rooms are spacious and offer some of the most beautiful views of the mountains in Sri Lanka. The three main meals, as well as afternoon tea, are simple and delicious. The atmosphere is serene and edifying.

Dowa Rock Temple

A temple, another historical place to add to your list in Ella is believed that King Walagamba built it in the first century BC. The temple is a peaceful place to visit if you plan to spend a few days in Ella.The Dowa Rock Temple is located a few kilometers from Ella on the Ella-Bandarawela Road. This temple was one of many built by the king after he fled an Indian invasion to safety in Uva.Its massive Buddha Statue, measuring 38 feet in height, is what has made the temple so popular. This temple has some secrets that have been lost to time.

The image of the Buddha, which is still incomplete, is carved from a granite boulder that is well hidden from the main road. This statue has not received much attention and is slowly falling apart. A small stupa is located at the top of the boulder. This small stupa is located at the same height as the road. It is the only sign that there is a temple for a traveler.

A small cave is located behind the image house. The RavanaGuhawa tunnel, hidden behind the stupa and guarded by the Clay King Cobra figure, is located inside the cave. The 11km long tunnel connects the RavanaMahaViharaya in Ella with the Bogoda Raja MahaViharaya. Due to vandalism by treasure hunters, the temple has sealed off the tunnel's entrance with cement. According to legend, the King disappeared overnight through the tunnels. Thus, the work on the Buddha Statue was stopped abruptly.

Ella Wala Falls

Ella Wala Falls, a beautiful waterfall hidden in the forest on Ella-Wellawaya Road, is small but stunning. Although it is not the nearest waterfall to Ella's, people still go there for a relaxing bath and to enjoy the natural pool-like area. There is nothing like a beautiful waterfall to give you a wonderful playground you can really enjoy.If you plan on spending 2-3 days in Ella, and have a vehicle, you should visit this place. You will be able to enjoy quality time and peace as it is not crowded like Rawana Falls. (You can take a bus or a tuk-tuk).If you are a fan of water and want to splash around, we highly recommend this place. Be careful when it rains, as it is difficult to get quick help.

Ravana Cave

Ravana Cave can be found approximately 2 km from Ella and 11 km (7 miles) from Bandarawela. It's a small cave measuring approximately 50 feet wide, 150ft in length, and 60ft tall. According to legend, King Rawana used the cave to hide Princess Sita.It is located 1,370m (4,490 feet) above sea level, on the foundations of a cliff. This cave is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Sri Lanka and has historical significance.

Tea Plantation visit

Ella is lined with tea leaves from every hill. They are beautiful to see, and you will often spot local tea pickers out collecting the leaves in brightly colored attires. Sri Lanka's largest export is tea and Ella is the capital of this country.

One of the most memorable things you can do in Sri Lanka is to visit a tea plantation at Ella. A tea plantation can provide a wealth of information about Sri Lanka, including its history and culture as well as the origins of the tea.There are many nearby tea factories. UvaHalpewatte is the closest. You can visit Dambatenne or Newburgh if you wish to see more tea factories.

Dumbethenna Tea Estate

If you're staying a few days in Ella, you might also want to visit Dambatenne Tea Factory.The story is related to the Lipton Seat viewpoint, which was built in 1890 by Sir Thomas Lipton, a Scottish tea baron. Lipton tea makers are well-known.

The factory is located 11km from Haputale. Buses run every half an hour to Dambatenne. The factory is not accessible by bus or rail. It is best to take a local bus to Dambatenne, then walk to it. There are also Tuktuks.

Dunhinda Falls

Dunhinda Falls, one of the most stunning waterfalls in Sri Lanka.It is 25-30km away from Ella but it is definitely worth visiting as it's a top-ranked tourist attraction in Sri Lanka.It was named after the sinhala word "Dun", which means smoke. The mist that is created when this falls is similar to smoke.Badulla City Center is 5 km to the north of Waterfall. The water cascades 63m down into a large pool. To reach the waterfall, you will need to walk 1.5 km from the entrance gate.

Walking is an amazing experience. You can see wild birds, butterflies and monkeys.They are best seen between June and July. However, you can visit them at any time. Because it is covered in water during the rainy season of Sri Lanka, it becomes even more interesting.

Best time to Visit Ella

Ella can be visited from January to May. This is the same time as South Coast beaches. Ella will experience hot, but pleasant days and cool evenings. From April onwards, Ella experiences the least amount of rain. The weather was beautiful every day when we were there in May. It was warm during the day and not too cold at night. Ella, unlike other areas of Sri Lanka, can be visited all year.

How to get to Ella

Ella can be found at the end of one of the most well-known train rides, the Kandy-to Ella route. You can take this stunning train ride in any direction. It is one of the most popular things to do in Ella. The entire island of Sri Lanka is accessible if you are not in the mood for a train ride. The entire journey between Ella and Kandy takes approximately 8 hours. It's a beautiful way to get to Ella but it can be quite long.

Ella does not have an airport and there is no fast way to get there. If Ella is your first stop in Sri Lanka, you will still need to land at Colombo's international airport. The drive from Colombo airport in Sri Lanka to Ella takes approximately 6 hours. In a private, comfortable taxi, this will cost you around 16,000 rupees (PS71).

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