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Sinhala Aurudda in Sri Lanka

Sinhala Aurudda in Sri Lanka

Numerous nations on the planet praise the new year in first of January. However there are a few schedules all over the planet that celebrates various days to invite New Year. In Sri Lanka, new year festivities start on thirteenth of April and end in fourteenth of the month. Sinhala and Tamil New Year. The greatest festival in Sri Lanka that includes a heap of ceremonies and customs is one of the must things to encounter in your vacation on the island. In view of the sun's development from the Meena Rashiya (House of Pieces) to the Mesha Rashiya (House of Aries) Sri Lankan invites the new year in April with a ton of fireworks, firecrackers and connoisseur of conventional desserts…

Otherwise called the sun celebration, the Sinhala and Tamil new year is a custom performed to respect the God of Sun for a great many years now.

Accompanies such a long history the celebration is the best season to encounter Sri Lanka's center customs and ceremonies and to appreciate fun exercises and conventional games while you can't encounter elsewhere.

First Meal at the Avurudu table (Ahara anubawaya)

Food assumes a significant part in new year festivities in Sri Lanka. A colossal table with Kiribath, bananas, desserts like kavum, kokis, thalaguli, aggala, aasmi, aluwa and numerous other conventional desserts become the focal point of any house. Each family in Sri Lanka partakes in the banquet at a propitious time subsequent to lighting an oil light. Beginning work and trading cash (Weda alleema saha ganu denu kireema) Once the family completes the new year feast individuals accomplish a work to represent beginning to work in the new year. This custom is called weda ellima. Next individuals perform exchanges among relatives and other regarded parties and even with the well to thank for the reasonable water it had given you during the last year. Blessing oil (Hisa thel gaama) Here a progression of oils are blessed on people groups' heads youthful and old to favor with wellbeing and mending.

Sinhala and Tamil New Year Sweets

You cannot speak about Sinhala and Tamil new year without having to talk about food. Which is why tasting new year sweets is a must thing to do during your April holiday in Sri Lanka. Below are some of the sweets you should try during the new year season. Konda Kewum- Made with coconut trickle and rice Konda Keum is a deep fried fluffy cake. Kokis A deep-fried, crispy sweet made from rice flour and coconut milk Asmi A crunchy traditional sweet topped with a traditional caramel syrup Mon kewum -A diamond-shaped sweet that comes with a crunchy crust with a sweet paste of sweetened green grams inside.

Avurudu Music and games Sinhala and Tamil new year is a season it’s all about family-focused celebrations. During this season people work in cities return to their hometown or village and celebrates the new year with their extended family. Fun games and activities also play an important part in new year celebrations.

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