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Yoga Wellness Tours in Sri Lanka

Yoga Wellness Tours in Sri Lanka

The Best Yoga Retreats In Sri Lanka. Yoga Retreats are a life-changing experience. You can find them in beautiful resorts around the globe, from beaches and mountains. In India and Thailand , Yoga Retreats have been extremely popular in recent years. Many have complained that many of these retreats are too expensive and crowded due to increased tourism. Sri Lanka is a great place to find authentic Yoga Retreats in a beautiful, undiscovered country.

Join Ceylon Travel Dream for Ayurvedic and Wellness tours in Sri Lanka. The Country’s native healing system had been inherited over more than five thousand years. This particular Treatment system is based upon herbs and diet. Until the introduction of western meditation in the 18th century, the Ayurvedic treatment system was the only way of treating and healing in Sri Lanka. Meditation plays a large role in main teaching perfect mental health . Buddhist meditation perfectly deals with right mindfulness right concentration and night view. Ceylon Travel Dream is happy to offer the best tour packages for Ayurvedic and Wellness as a great way to spend your holiday and nurture your divine.

The Best Yoga and Wellness Treatment in Sri Lanka

Tri Lanka – Luxury Yoga Retreat

Tri Lanka prides itself in being one of the most modern luxury boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. This luxury Yoga Retreat is located close to Galle Fort (the most popular area in Sri Lanka), and the picturesque shores of Koggala Lake (the largest natural lake in Sri Lanka). This is a wonderful place to visit. It has beautiful views of the lake, elegant villas with private plunge pools, and amazing Yoga & Wellness.

You can find it close to beaches in the South of Sri Lanka. From here, you can go down to the ocean and hear the wave’s crash.Lara Drummond, founder of Tri Lanka has a philosophy about wellness. Nourishing food, Nuturing approach, and Spiritual practice. This is a true statement about the spa and wellness experience.

Two treatment rooms overlooking lush greenery have large windows and feature natural slate floors, brilliant white terrazzo walls and huge windows.

Kalundewa Retreat

The Kalundewa Retreat is situated in the middle 100 acres of lush greenery in Dambulla. It is an unspoiled paradise, surrounded only by majestic mountains and absolute tranquility. It is the perfect place for Yoga and Mindfulness.

The turquoise waters of the natural spring pools shimmer with inviting light. It is the ideal pool to jump in. You can even enjoy a BBQ or other customized celebrations at the tranquil poolside.

Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Sen Wellness Sanctuary offers a Yoga Retreat that blends harmoniously with the natural beauty and environment. The retreat is located in a National Park surrounded by the shimmering Indian Ocean and a turtle nesting beach. The Yoga Shala can accommodate up to 30 people and serves as the center piece of Yoga Classes, group healing sessions, and even music workshops. The session is enhanced by the sea breeze that creates an invigorating aura.

Prana Lounge – Yoga Retreat

Prana lounge offers a variety of Yoga styles and methods, with a simple and tailored approach. A philosophy is that "our variety of yoga styles are not meant to confuse or impress, but to help find the style that helps you most". All levels and fitness abilities are welcome to participate in classes that range from restorative to dynamic yoga. They also offer Pre & Post Natal Yoga (Pregnant Yoga), Corporate Yoga, Yin Yoga, and even Kids Yoga.

You can drop in to daily Yoga sessions between 6:30 and 7:30 AM, or throughout the day. You can attend the official Yoga Retreats for any time of the year. However, you are welcome to stay as long as you wish to enjoy the Yoga sessions.

Kandy Samadhi Center

The Kandy Samadhi Centreis an exclusive Yoga Retreat & Wellness Centre located in the peaceful Kandyan hills. This is the perfect location for a private, intimate, and spiritual yoga experience.It is an ancient architecture and the Yoga Shala gives you the feeling of floating on the tops of the trees.

A variety of Ayurveda treatments are offered at the retreat, which is holistically designed to treat many ailments. You can choose from full body massages with steam baths or Marma Relaxation techniques. There are also flower baths, medicated oils baths and other techniques.

Welikande Hotel

Welikande Villas is an exclusive multi-purpose center. This is an Englishman named Michael who created it with his Sri Lankan Partner Tushari. It offers Yoga and adventure-based trekking. This is a great choice for people who enjoy a variety of activities on vacation.

Rukala Yoga Retreat

Rukala Retreat can be found in a rural area, beautiful and untouched part of Sri Lanka. Rukala Yoga Retreat aims to provide spaces for guests to enjoy time together and be open, honest, and vulnerable.Intimate setting allows guests Yogis and not to come together for a variety of activities including Mediation, Healing, and Yoga.You can also enjoy healthy Sri Lankan food, restorative work, and adventure days at the retreat.

Santhani Wellness Resort and Spa

This harmony is the foundation of everything we do. The holistic architecture is situated in one of the most beautiful environments on the planet. It allows nature to guide you and let the rhythms of the land take over. We are one of the most luxurious ayurveda resorts Sri Lanka. Our wellness programs in Ayurveda and detox, yoga, and spa combine pampering, rejuvenation, and enlightened learning to promote healthy living long after you have left these natural surroundings.

Kaju Green Yoga Retreat

Relax, reconnection, and rejuvenation are possible when you join us for daily vinyasa-inspired yoga flows. Then dive into the tropical paradise that is Sri Lanka. The exclusive eco resort Kaju Green is located in a lush green park close to the beach.

Every day, there are two yoga classes waiting for you. Delicious and healthy vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unlimited snacks and beverages throughout the day. Three-day full-body massage. Free tuk-tuk shuttle to/from Dalawella beach.Yoga can help you to rejuvenate and feel great. The Sanctuary Kaju Green is a beautiful space that can accommodate small groups or individuals.

SiddhalepaAyurvedic Resort

The Siddhalepa Ayurveda Spa and Health Resort has a 200-year history of Ayurveda practices. It offers authentic treatments for many conditions or illnesses. Our Ayurveda resort Sri Lanka is spread over seven acres of native and tropical trees, herbs medicinal plants, vines, and bushes. It also overlooks the Indian Ocean. The only Ayurveda center in Sri Lanka that is affiliated with a Siddhalepa Ayurveda Hospital has access to the full range of medicines manufactured in accordance with ISO standards by the Group.

Amuna Ayurveda Wellness Retreat

Ayurveda is a simple and effective form of healing that has been around for nearly 3000 years. It promotes harmony between the mind and the body. Ayurveda was first introduced to Sri Lanka in the 3 th century BC when King Devanampiyatissa established a hospital at Mihintale. This is one of the oldest hospitals in Sri Lanka.

This holistic healing science, which means "knowledge of the life and longevity", can help you bring yourself back to balance. Ayurveda goes beyond the traditional treatment of ailments to address your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Ayurveda is a way to regain our vitality and a rejuvenated approach for living.

AmunaAyurvedic retreat is the ideal place to rediscover yourself. We offer a place of tranquility that blends in seamlessly with the natural world. Surrounded by lush forests and overlooking Kandalama Lake by lush trees, you will be able to enjoy unparalleled personal attention from skilled doctors and therapists. They will serve you with genuine smiles as well as warm Sri Lankan hospitality.

Talalla Yoga Retreat

South Sri Lanka's barefoot paradise is your destination for luxury and comfort on the beaches. Our little paradise offers the perfect getaway for a relaxing vacation. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean, turquoise waters, natural breezes, and stunning sunsets from our private beachfront villas. Enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable stay at our villas on the beach, as well as an outdoor pool, open-air restaurant with a bar, and all-star spa. We can also help you create the perfect Yoga, Surf and Wellness Treatment package, or join one our pre-designed retreats.

Salt House – Yoga & Surfing

Salt House Retreat is situated at Hiriketiya Bay, arguably the most beautiful and untouched beaches in Sri Lanka. It's a true paradise, many say.

Soul & Surf Yoga Retreat

The resort is often called a surf and yoga retreat by people, but we aren't so sure. We're more laid back than a retreat, which sounds serious and quiet. A surf camp in Sri Lanka? We are a bit more reserved than that. Our guests will enjoy a unique and special soulful surfing, yoga, and therapy experience.

We have more experts than anyone and pay more attention to details than others. We hope that you will find what you are looking for. It could be relaxation, progress or rehabilitation. To meet new people, to spend time with loved ones, or just to be with family. You can also relax in the pool and enjoy a drink. We aren't too serious or worthy... but we have many life-affirming talented people who you may like to meet while you're there.

Ulpotha Yoga Retreat

Ulpotha Yoga Retreat is one of the most unique Yoga Retreats in the World. Ulpotha is located in a peaceful hideaway, just a part of the Kurungala region of the Galgiriyawa Mountains.This stunning retreat offers a wonderful Yoga Shala, nestled in the charms of nature. You can hear bird songs during your sessions.

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